Mission 6 - Defend Crait

  • 2+ Players
  • Jedi skill: Mastery

The Crait Escape

Master Luke unexpectedly appears on Crait and goes out to face Kylo Ren on his own as a distraction, allowing Leia, Finn and the Resistance to escape to safety. Follow the vulptex – a crystal fox – to find your way out of the mine. It's time to complete your adventure!

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Choose one player to be the crystal fox. Grab a tea towel and tuck it into a pocket or belt, to create a tail


Chase the crystal fox and try to catch their tail


If you catch the tail, you become the crystal fox


Keep playing, each taking it in turns to be the fox!

Make your own crystal fox mask

Every 10 minutes counts!

Play for at least 10 minutes to build up your Jedi skills