Mission 5 - Destroy The Supremacy

  • 2+ Players
  • Jedi skill: Agility

Finn's Balancing Act

Finn, Rose and BB-8 need to disable The Supremacy's hyperspace tracking device. Do you have the agility to avoid the stormtroopers like Finn?

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With an adult, cut out a stormtrooper mask and then mark out a path on the ground with rope or string


One person is the stormtrooper and turns their back on the other player or players


Run along the path, but freeze if the stormtrooper turns – they can only catch you if they see you moving! Try hopping and jumping along the path too


If you get caught moving, swap to be the stormtrooper! How far can you get without being caught?

Make your own stormtrooper masks

Every 10 minutes counts!

Play for at least 10 minutes to build up your Jedi skills