Mission 3 - Train on Ahch-To

Rey holding a lightsaber out on Ahch-To
  • 2+ Players
  • Jedi skill: Technique

Mirror Master Moves with Rey

Rey is learning the ways of the Jedi from Master Luke Skywalker. Do you have the technique to Train Like A Jedi too?

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How to play...


The first player starts by performing a Jedi move. The other player or players have to try to keep up and mirror their moves


When you've done a move, repeat it but faster


When the first player has done 2 minutes of moves, swap!


Keep copying the moves as long as you can!


How many moves can you come up with? Keep practising your Jedi moves with our play-along video.

Make your own Jedi robe

Every 10 minutes counts!

Play for at least 10 minutes to build up your Jedi skills