Mission 1 - Explore Jakku!

BB-8, from Star Wars, on a sandy background
  • 2+ Players
  • Jedi skill: Strength and Stamina

TIE Fighter-Dodging with BB-8

The First Order's TIE fighters are chasing Rey, Finn and BB-8. They need to get from the market to the Millennium Falcon to escape Jakku. Do you have the strength and stamina to outrun the enemy attack?

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How to play...


Make a short course between 2 bases – the market and the Millennium Falcon. One player shouts out instructions to avoid the TIE fighters, while the other players run between the 2 bases


Listen out for "JUMP, DIVE TO THE LEFT, DIVE TO THE RIGHT" and "DUCK", and do them as quickly as you can like BB-8!


Keep going until you've done 10 laps


Swap and keep playing for at least 10 minutes

Build your own TIE fighter

Every 10 minutes counts!

Play for at least 10 minutes to build up your Jedi skills