Train Like A Jedi

Taking inspiration from everyone's favourite Star Wars™ characters, Rey and Luke, it's time to get your kids moving. First they'll learn to master the ways of the Jedi with our play along video, before setting off on 6 challenges to help the Resistance against the First Order – all in short bursts of fun activity. Play now!

The Resistance needs you!

Calling all friends of the Resistance, the First Order are fast approaching and the Resistance need as much help as they can get during their darkest hour. This is your chance to help, so get ready!

In this fun Train Like A Jedi video, Olympic gold medallist Jade Jones will guide you through 12 special moves that will help you master the ways of the Jedi. Be strong, healthy and prepared for when the Resistance might need you.

The 12 moves become one Jedi training routine. Don't worry if you can't manage them all at once – some of them need a bit of practice. And once you've mastered these don't be afraid to have a go at creating your own moves too!

Once you have finished the training, these Jedi skills will be valuable in the next part of the journey – an adventure across the galaxy in a series of missions to help the Resistance.

Have fun, work hard and Train Like A Jedi. May the Force be with you!

Get kids moving with these fun games

The adventure doesn't end there – the quest to help the Resistance will take them on 6 missions to different planets across the Star WarsTM galaxy, with games to play and bonus downloads to print and make. It's a brilliant way to help your kids get their recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity through lots of short bursts of fun.

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