Kids are starting their day with sugary breakfasts

Food Facts


The Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide is a brilliant idea – it helps you eat a healthy, balanced diet by showing you the different types of foods and drinks we should consume. Simple!


Being active

Which of these activities are not physical activities?

Watching TV is not a physical activity, but bike riding and running around the playground are. These types of physical activities, of moderate intensity, cause you to feel warmer, breathe harder and make your heart beat faster – but you can still

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Chocolate biscuits

Do you know how much sugar there is a packet of choccy biscuits?

A packet of your favourite choccy biscuits contains the equivalent of 29 cubes of sugar, 37 grams of saturated fat AND 6 sachets of salt. That’s a cube of sugar for every biscuit!

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Cycling skills

Which skills does riding a bike help develop?

In fact, all three answers are correct! Riding a bike or scooter helps develop your motor skills, including balance and coordination, as well as building up strength in the legs and core.

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