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The Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide is a brilliant idea – it helps you eat a healthy, balanced diet by showing you the different types of foods and drinks we should consume. Simple!


Swimming strokes

Which of these are real swimming strokes?

In fact, all three answers are real swimming strokes! Swimming is a great way to exercise and a fun way to be more active and stay healthy. It’s also a skill that could save a life.

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Snack time

Set a regular healthy snack time for mid-morning and afternoon when the kids are home. It helps train their bodies to know regular food is coming, making them less likely to reach for unhealthy choices. Make at least one snack count towards their


Maxed out on sugar?

Every day, kids are having more sugar than the daily maximum amount. But do you know how much more?

Every day, kids are having more sugar than the recommended daily maximum. In fact, they are half way to their daily max of sugar before the school bell rings.

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Take-home takeaways

You don't always have to miss out on your favourite takeaways. Try healthier alternatives to your favourite foods. Try swapping a doner kebab for a shish kebab instead – it contains a lot less fat.

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Reject the refills!

If you're eating out, some restaurants offer free refills of sugary drinks with meals. Just one sugary drink can push you over your max daily sugar amount – and kids are having nearly 3 times more sugar than they should! Choose sugar free


These mini pancakes taste great and are so easy to make!