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See the number of sugar cubes in everyday food and drink. You'd be surprised just how many there are!

Every day, without realising, we’re ALL having too much added sugar

You’d be surprised at the amount of added sugar lurking in everyday food and drink - and it builds up quickly over the day.

Sugary cereal

2 Cubes

Juice drink

5 Cubes

Chocolate bar

6 Cubes

Sugary yoghurt

5 Cubes

Get the facts on sugar

‡ Based on Kantar data 2015

But how much is too much?

The maximum daily amounts of added sugar* are:

4-6 years

5 cubes max*
or 19 grams

7-10 years

6 cubes max*
or 24 grams

11+ years

7 cubes max*
or 30 grams

It's time to get Sugar Smart

It's easier than you think to cut down sugar. Start with these simple tips:

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