Wholesome World

Categories: Cancer, Healthy living

£3.99 from App Store and £2.99 from Google Play

The Wholesome World app has a collection of recipes, nutritional information and medical and lifestyle resources that focus on health and wellbeing.

It hopes to help people manage cancer-related health issues as well as improve their wellbeing.


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who wishes to manage and maintain their health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

The Wholesome World app has: 

  • healthy and tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks
  • nutritional information about key ingredients and their benefits
  • links to resources, including medical research, nutritional, physical and mental health advice, and advice on maintaining a stressfree and happy lifestyle
  • clear labelling for all diets, including gluten free, vegan and vegetarian, and free of refined sugar 

Report an issue

You can contact the developer directly to report any issue or if you have any questions about this product.

Please share the details through our contact form for our records.

How do I access it?

The Wholesome World app is available to download for £3.99  from the App Store and for £2.99  from Google Play.

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