Talk Around It Men

Categories: Learning disabilities, Dementia

From £16.99 to £17.99

Talk Around It Men is a speech and language therapy app for men with word finding difficulties. It can be used to treat conditions such as aphasia, anomia, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's and autism.


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone with a language disorder, their family, carer or speech therapist. 

How does it work?

Talk Around It Men uses evidence-based techniques to help improve word retrieval.

The app features a library of more than 100 high resolution images and over 900 written and audio cues to help with naming exercises.

Carry out timed tests and review the results using built-in progress reports. 

There's also a free version of the app available with less content.

How do I access it?

Talk Around It Men costs £17.99 on the App Store and £16.99 on Google Play.