Categories: First aid, Health records

Free with in-app purchases or £4.99

With SOS QR you can be better prepared, call for help and send your location in an emergency.

Create a secure record with key information you want to share in an emergency, using your own QR code. This allows paramedics or A&E staff to immediately access potentially life-saving information.

When travelling outside the UK, emergency responders will access your record translated into the language of the country you are visiting. 

This app is currently under reassessment for Data Protection following changes introduced by GDPR.


Who is it suitable for?

SOS QR is for anyone who could face an emergency related to their health, for example:

  •     adults with chronic conditions
  •     older people
  •     children with severe allergies
  •     travellers
  •     people keen on outdoor sports  

How does it work?

Create an emergency record for you and your family members. It’s stored on your phone with an anonymous version stored online. This can be retrieved by scanning the individual QR code created by the app for you and each of your family members. The QR code can be stored on your phone lock screen or printed on a card.

In an emergency, responders can scan your QR code and view your record without seeing any personal information.

When you press the SOS button on your phone or Apple Watch your emergency contacts receive a call and/or text message with a map showing your location. Whenever your QR code is scanned, your emergency contacts receive an email with the GPS location of the emergency.

When you're on holiday or travelling abroad, you can share your record with local doctors and pharmacists. It will be translated into the language of the country you are visiting.

How do I access it?

SOS QR is free to download on Google Play and costs £4.99 on the App Store.