Categories: Diabetes, Healthy living

Free, with in-app purchases

The SidekickHealth app sets challenges to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of developing serious conditions like diabetes.

Get rewarded with points for reaching your exercise goals or for the amount of fruit, vegetables and water you consume, and compete with your friends and colleagues to help each other stay motivated.

This app is currently under reassessment for Data Protection following changes introduced by GDPR.


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

How does it work?

SidekickHealth helps you work towards daily goals for diet, physical activity and your mental state. Keep track of portion sizes, the types of food you've been eating, and the number of days you've managed to avoid things like late-night snacks and drinks high in sugar.

The app lets you choose from a range of exercises, workouts and activities, and helps you learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress levels and reach your daily targets.

Compete against up to 5 friends by setting them healthy challenges, and use the app to store your medical information and complete questionnaires relating to your health.

How do I access it?

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.