MyCognition Home

Category: Mental health

Free, with in-app purchases

MyCognition Home is a brain training app for the entire family to help them think faster, focus better, and improve decision-making and memory.


Who is it suitable for?

MyCognition Home is suitable for the entire family, from children to grandparents.

How does it work?

You start off by doing a 15-minute test called MyCQ, which assesses: planning, decision-making, memory, concentration, and speed and accuracy.

Your MyCQ score is used to create a personalised training programme to help improve your performance in some of these areas.

You're encouraged to spend 90 minutes a week – that's 15 minutes a day – using the app's brain training games.

These games are complemented by a suite of general health resources to help you eat more healthily, be more active and sleep better.

How do I access it?

MyCognition Home is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.