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Find and connect with people with a similar health condition using HealthUnlocked. The service has over 700 online communities focused on health and wellbeing topics including cancer, thyroid disease, running and weight loss. With more than 4 million monthly users, there is a community for you.

Who is it suitable for?

HealthUnlocked is for anyone with a health condition or looking to improve their health. 

How does it work?

HealthUnlocked is a social network for health where people can connect with others going through the same thing as them. 

The service boasts over 700 communities built around topics such as lung cancer, running, fibromyalgia and leukaemia, to name a few.

Use HealthUnlocked to get advice and support, or simply chat with people who understand your perspective and can offer some new insight by giving their own. 

The communities are moderated by reliable patient organisations or charities to ensure the best information is being shared by everyone.

How do I access it?

HealthUnlocked can be accessed using their free app or their website.