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The EXi app creates a 12-week exercise plan based on health information entered by the user. It then sets the duration and intensity of the exercise based on this information.

This helps improve your overall health, but can also be used to manage a number of long-term health conditions and help those at risk of developing them become more active.  


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness or help treat a condition using exercise

How does it work?

The EXi app first asks you to enter your health information, measures your resting heart rate, and gives you the option of carrying out a 6-minute walking test to assess your fitness levels.

This information is used to produce a colour-coded risk profile of your health using a green, amber and red traffic light system.

This will highlight the things that put you most at risk of developing heart disease, strokes and diabetes, and what range you should be in to reduce that risk.

The app will then generate a personalised 12-week exercise plan that tells you how long and at what intensity you should be exercising.

This will gradually increase until you meet the recommended levels of five 30-minute periods of exercise a week by the end of your plan.

Report an issue

You can contact the developer directly to report an issue or if you have any questions about this product.

Please share the details through our contact form for our records.

How do I access it?

The EXi app is free to download from the App Store.

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