Category: Mental health


The distrACT app gives you easy, quick and discreet access to information and advice about self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

The content has been created by doctors and experts in self-harming and suicide prevention. 


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone over the age of 17 who's concerned about self-harming.

How does it work?

The distrACT app aims to help you better understand urges to self-harm, and encourages you to monitor and manage your symptoms. It can also help reduce the risk of suicide.

There's advice and support information, including emergency contact numbers, how best to work with healthcare professionals, and safer alternatives to self-harming.

In the app's Chill Zone, you can find resources that may help you feel better, including art, books, films, music, poems, quotes, stories and online videos.

How do I access it?

distrACT is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.