Chill Panda

These digital tools meet NHS quality standards for safety, usability and accessibility and are being tested now with NHS patients to see if there is sufficient evidence to provide them an NHS stamp of approval.
Being tested in the NHS

Category: Mental health


Learn to relax, manage your worries and improve your wellbeing with Chill Panda. The app measures your heart rate and suggests tasks to suit your state of mind. Tasks include simple breathing techniques and light exercises to take your mind off your worries.


Who is it suitable for?

Chill Panda is for children and adults who want to learn how to manage stress and worry and feel better.

How does it work?

Chill Panda uses the camera on a smartphone or other mobile device to capture your heart rate.

The app uses your device's LED light to measure the volume of blood flowing through your fingertip as your heart beats.

Chill Panda asks you to rate your mood to work out your current emotional state.

You are then encouraged to take part in a variety of playful tasks and activities, including breathing and light exercise.

Chill Panda is not a medical device and heart rate measurements are shown for guidance only.

How do I access it?

Chill Panda is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. The app works with mobile devices that have a camera.