Changing Health icon

Changing Health

Lose weight, eat better and move more with the Changing Health app, a lifestyle coaching ...


Healthy living

Free, but requires GP referral

GDm-Health icon


The GDm-Health app is part of a system that helps clinicians manage diabetes in pregnancy ...


Pregnancy and baby

Liva UK icon

Liva UK

The Liva app is a digital platform to help you manage conditions such as diabetes ...


Healthy living


Low Carb Program icon

Low Carb Program

The Low Carb Program can help anyone with type 2 diabetes take better control of ...


Healthy living

Subscription required

mapmydiabetes icon


Mapmydiabetes is an online programme of information, guidance and self-help tools to support people in ...


Free on prescription from your GP

Mumoactive icon


Mumoactive makes tracking your type 1 diabetes quick and easy so you can get on ...


My Diabetes My Way icon

My Diabetes My Way

My Diabetes My Way is an interactive website and smartphone app for people with diabetes ...



My Health Fabric icon

My Health Fabric

Use the Health Fabric app to access a self-help plan if you have a long-term ...


Healthy living

Free with in-app purchases

my mhealth: myDiabetes icon

my mhealth: myDiabetes

myDiabetes helps you better manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes based on the latest ...



nujjer icon


nujjer is a wristband tracker and linked app that aims to help you understand and ...


Healthy living

£99 upfront and then a £9.99 per month subscription

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