I can't see very well

This section gives you a wide range of solutions to help you see websites and applications such as Word and Acrobat Reader more clearly

Making text larger

This section explains how you can make the text bigger in your web browser, Windows and applications such as Word , Open Office Writer and Adobe Acrobat.

Magnifying the screen

If increasing the text size via the browser or Windows options does not give you text you can easily read the next step is to magnify the screen using access technology this section tells you how to do it.

Making your mouse pointer easier to see

Many people have difficulty seeing the mouse pointer, this section explains the various ways you can improve the pointer's visibility.

Changing your colours

This section explains how you can change text and background colours in your browser and Windows to better suit your needs.

Using your own style sheets

This section explains how you can use your own style sheets (CSS) with web browsers to make web pages easier to see.

Making your computer talk

This section tells you about the different ways you can make your computer talk to you.

More Information and useful links

A selection of useful websites that give more information on seeing websites.