Using your own style sheets

This section explains how you to use your own style sheets with your browser


Web style sheets such as Cascading style sheets (CSS) give you the flexibility to change the way a web page looks by separating the structure and content of a web page (html) from its design (style sheet). Unfortunately not all style sheets are designed to make the page look as clear and easy to read possible, so in certain situations you might need to create your own style sheet to override the way a web page looks. This means with style sheets you can change the colours of text and background to make them clearer as well change the size and font style of text to make them easier to read. A number of browsers allow you to use style sheets than can override web page settings, below are links to the most popular browsers with instructions for how to use your own style sheet. Internet Explorer and Opera have the best support. Instructions on how to create a style sheet are outside the scope of this website, but there are a number of free tools available on the web to help you create your own.

Note: At this time Firefox browsers do not have the option for you to use your own style sheets.