I find words difficult

Explains how you can make the web easier to read with various software tools and techniques.

Changing your colours (I can't see very well section)

This section explains how you can change text and background colours in your browser and Windows to better suit your needs

Changing your fonts

Explains how you can change web browser and Windows text settings

Using the web for people with learning difficulties

Information about how people with learning disabilities use the web and useful website resources.

More information and useful links

A selection of useful websites that give more information on help with reading

This section list various resources that will help you interact with and fill in web forms.

Voice recognition and making your keyboard easier to see

If you find it difficult to type information into web forms using the keyboard you can use voice recognition to help you, also you can improve the visability of the keys on your keyboard to help you type. Look at the following links to find out more:

Help with spelling for filling in web forms

If you want to check the spelling of the text you put into a web form, you can write it in your word processor package first such as Word or Open Office Writer, spell check it and them use copy (' Ctrl ' + ' C ' or ' Apple ' + ' C ') and paste (' Ctrl ' + ' V ' or ' Apple ' + ' V ') to put into the web form. See the following links for more:

Additional help for filling in web forms

If you need to fill in a web form it can often be hard to find the right words you want to use, help is at hand with a range of software, look at the following links for more information.