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Private sector

NHS Choices supplies compelling health content to a diverse range of private sector companies in the UK and abroad. The service is supplied on a free-of-charge basis and is used by more than 100 commercial organisations including Boots, Bupa, AXA PPP Healthcare, Pfizer, Johnson Press, EMAP and Newsquest, as well as many independent developers.

Our goal is to reach readers wherever they wish to access NHS Choices content and to support and encourage innovation. We are opening up our content and data, as we want to give you, the developer, the ability to explore its potential. You can use our feeds to add content to your website or to create mashups, mobile apps, widgets and data visualisations that will provide incremental value for the end user. 

Our syndication team is here to make it easier to implement our clinically approved health content, videos and interactive tools. We can therefore help you design your application, select content or assist you technically to help you understand how the feeds work. 

There are a few things that we would like you to be aware of when using our content.

Please do:

  • include any branding supplied with the feeds as directed by the terms and conditions (PDF, 526kb)
  • link back to the original article
  • comply with our advertising requirements

Please don’t:

  • use our trademarks – the NHS trademark or the word ‘NHS’
  • infer any partnership with or endorsement by the NHS, NHS Choices or NHS England
  • launch any publicity promoting the use of NHS Choices content without prior consent of the NHS Choices syndication team

Developer Information

Developers wanting to discover, engage with and communicate about our content can access our Syndication blog.

A useful resource is the Health Developer Network. This is an NHS England website containing technical information, software tools, source code and data for developers who are designing and building software for use in health and social care.

To get regular updates on what we are doing you can follow us on Twitter.

Getting started

After reading our terms of use (PDF, 526kb) we encourage you to sign up for access and get coding! Alternatively, contact the NHS Choices Service Desk (


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