What pregnancy symptoms are normal? 

Midwife Suzanne Barber describes which symptoms during pregnancy are normal.

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What pregnancy symptoms are normal?

Suzanne: If you think you’re pregnant, the earliest and most reliable sign is a missed period. Some women will notice their periods will stop completely or you may notice that your breasts are becoming fuller and more uncomfortable and extremely sensitive to touch. If you’re not sure, take a pregnancy test.

Some women experience morning sickness very, very early on in the pregnancy. However, their morning sickness might last all day and all night. If you find that you are vomiting continuously and unable to keep fluids down, it’s important that you seek some medical advice.

Other changes that you might notice when you’re pregnant is a metallic taste in your mouth. It changes the way tea and coffee tastes and you might go off certain foods.

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is that you need to go frequently to the loo and this can be during the day or the night regardless of how much you’re actually drinking.

Some women notice an increase in vaginal secretions. As long as they’re not offensive, it’s normal.

If you feel you’re becoming constipated in pregnancy, increase your fluids and make sure you have a nice high fibre diet.

If you experience any abdominal cramps that continue, do see your GP. It might be something perfectly normal to the pregnancy, the growing womb, or it may be a complication.

When you’re pregnant, it’s important that you start to listen and tune into your body. If you’re feeling tired, you must make the opportunity to rest. Your body is telling you what it needs.


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