What is eczema? (9 to 30 months) 

GP Janice Allister talks about eczema and the things you can do to treat and prevent it.

Find out more about eczema.

Transcript of What is eczema? (9 to 30 months)

What is eczema?   Janice: “Eczema is a skin condition where the skin becomes dry, itchy and sore. It is a long-term or chronic condition, but there are varying degrees of severity.   The most common type of eczema affecting children is atopic eczema where you usually have asthma, hay fever or eczema in your family. Atopic eczema affects children and babies in lots of different ways. It can range from red dry areas on the cheeks to weeping sore areas, for example, round the neck, to cracked areas round the wrists, or on the hands, particularly.   You can manage your child's eczema by avoiding nylon and woollen clothing and having cotton clothing, and by avoiding perfumes and bubble baths and by using plenty of emollients and non-perfumed ointments and creams, which you may need to get from your pharmacist or GP.   If your child's eczema isn't responding to straightforward treatments, then you will need to ask your GP or practitioner about it. And they can prescribe some stronger ointments, on a temporary basis, and advise you about day-to-day measures.”    


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