Walking for health 

Want to get walking but not sure where to start? Wondering what's so brilliant about walking in the first place? Walking for Health is a great way to start walking and make new friends at the same time. Simply join a group in your area.

Getting started: walking

Transcript of Walking for health

The Walking for Health initiative is a brilliant thing.

It's changed my life and I think there are lots of people on our walks

that will say the same. I know they will.

It's fulfilling.

You see different aspects of people and how they've improved.

It's a fantastic thing.

If you can just gather up your courage and just go once,

the people around you will encourage you to keep going back.

And, yes, it's great.

(man) The main advantages are the fact that it's free.

You can find your own level. If you want to do a shorter walk or a longer walk,

then that is catered for

in the timetable of walks that we've got available.

It's something that you can do yourself.

When you've done something like that, you feel really quite invigorated.

It gives you enough energy perhaps to do more for the rest of the day.

The people on the walk are very friendly.

Some look forward to this day.

So when they come, the conversation, they discuss their problems,

and we share and we learn from each other.

People come every week. They really enjoy coming.

They meet their friends. They make friends.

A lot of the people who come on our walks maybe live on their own.

So they've come here and made friends and formed good relationships here.

I'm an outdoor person. I hate being indoors.

I just like to be doing something outside all the time.

The other massive advantage of coming on a health walk

is I think what people sometimes lack in their lives

is feeling part of something.

The health walks can enable people to feel part of a bigger group

or a network of support.

You can come on your own, you can talk to people, put the world to rights,

you can find out what's going on locally

and you just get a sense of feeling you've got some companionship.

That is something what people benefit from from going on the walks.

I would say to anybody who's thinking about this Walking for Health,

maybe for them, please, come along,

try it and see the benefits for yourself.

Join in and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised

and you'll enjoy it.

Supporting you to get active and stay active

Walking for Health

walkingforhealth.org.uk 020 7339 8541


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