NHS Strength and flexibility: upper back stretch 

The NHS Strength and flexibility podcast series helps you get fit without the expense of a gym or fitness trainer. Featuring Laura from the NHS Couch to 5K programme, these podcasts talk you through a series of equipment-free exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. In the videos accompanying the podcast series each exercise is demonstrated. In this clip, Laura shows you how to do an upper back stretch

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Transcript of NHS Strength and flexibility: upper back stretch


Stand tall, with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height

and interlock your fingers, palms facing in.

Bend your elbows to form a circle with your arms.

Imagine hugging a tree.

To start the move,

try to move the circle away from you by moving your shoulders forward,

keeping your back straight.

You should feel a stretch around the back of your shoulders.


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