NHS Health Check: Mobile units in Medway 

If your age is between 40 and 74, having an NHS Health Check can pick up the symptoms of serious conditions before they become more serious. In Medway, health check teams are visiting different locations in order to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to have their health check.

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Transcript of NHS Health Check: Mobile units in Medway


We are an outreach team,

which makes it easy us for us to drive straight into the heart of communities.


We set up in static locations, like a religious centre, community centre,

church, leisure centre.

We make sure our service is as easily accessible as possible.

Not just in terms of location, but also in terms of timing.

We offer health check appointments outside of traditional working hours,

particularly for those who work shift patterns.

And we also offer evening and weekend appointments.

I went along and I met the team.


And they said, "We can book you an appointment for half an hour."

Someone would come to the van

and be asked whether they meet the criteria for the health check.


Between the ages of 40 and 74.

We would then proceed on weighing them and doing their height measurement.

We would do their body mass index.

We would then go through a number of tests, checking their blood pressure,

taking a small finger prick of blood to test their cholesterol.

Again, if they meet the criteria, we would do a blood glucose test

to rule out any risk of diabetes.

We would then go ahead and produce all these results into a cue risk

to give their heart age and their risk of having a heart attack or stroke

in the next ten years, based on those results.

Obviously, if there's any findings there,

we can give them lifestyle advice on how to change that to reduce their risk,

or we'd refer them to the services needed.

..which is coming up as 40.5 inches.

- Cool. - Yeah, it's OK.

- Normally, I'm about 34. - Oh, yeah, in your dreams.

We've had a few cases where people have been surprised by their results

and wanted to change.

I was regularly ordering three takeaways a week.

My risk of a serious heart attack,

at 56, was that of a 66-year-old person.

That triggered me into voluntarily going forward with this weight programme.

We've also had the other side of the coin,

where people have come along and thought they were fit and healthy.

I had a gentleman in his forties,

he regularly weight trained, he looked after himself,

and he was really surprised by his results.

His cholesterol, blood pressure was found to be high,

and he wasn't aware of that.

He was training, thinking he was fit and healthy.

And then we referred him to the GP from that.

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO www.nhs.uk/nhshealthcheck


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