How can I help my older children bond with their new sibling? 

A health visitor talks about how to help your older children bond with their new sibling

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Transcript of How can I help my older children bond with their new sibling?

How can I help my older children bond with their new sibling?   Vanel: Coping with two children is different to coping with one. It can be difficult at first and dividing your time and attention can be a strain. You may find that your older child becomes jealous or attention seeking so it’s important to spend one on one time with them. During pregnancy talk about the baby you’re expecting with your child. You can also get them to choose things for the baby like clothes or toys. When your baby arrives try to keep up old routine and activities. Sticking to established routines will help to reassure them. Watch out for signs of withdrawal or depression in your older child and mention any concerns to school or playgroup staff. Your older child might start displaying baby like behavior like asking for a bottle, they may start to wet their pants or want to be carried. This is completely normal behavior so try not to let it bother you. Take time to appreciate any loving gestures made towards the baby while ignoring negative or babyish behavior as far as possible. Try to turn looking after the baby into a fun game and encourage your child to talk to the baby. Try to avoid any other big life changes  at the same time as the new arrival, moving house for example is best delayed if at all possible.


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