How active should my child be? (6 to 30 months) 

Health visitor Rachel Shorney talks about how much exercise your child should do.

Find out more about keeping your child active.

Transcript of How active should my child be? (6 to 30 months)

How much exercise should my child do?   Rachel: “Your child should be as active as possible in their first years of life. Regular physical activity aids your child's growth and development and general wellbeing. Even if your child isn't walking yet, you can still help them to be active. Encouraging them to crawl, having them on their back kicking their legs, also tummy time, as well as taking your child swimming.   If your child can walk on their own, they should be physically active for around three hours per day. This can include light activities, such as walking or standing, as well as more energetic activities, such as running, playing with a ball, skipping and jumping and also active play, such as playing with water.   Baby walkers and baby bouncers are not substitutes for activity. Also, they do not help your child to exercise safely. Being active should be fun. Doing things like going out walking with your children, looking at nature, talking about it, smells, using your senses to stimulate the mind and imagination as well as the body.”    


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