Healthy Ramadan 

Find out how to prepare yourself for Ramadan and how to stay healthy while fasting throughout the month.

Transcript of Healthy Ramadan

Many of us fast in the month of Ramadan

with a very strong aim to spiritually become better.

We should also try to become physically better.

If we don't have the right type of diet and the right type of lifestyle

we could harm our body physically.

There could be lots of potential health complications

such as heartburn, poor control of diabetes,

dehydration, constipation, headache and stress.

We could avoid all of them if we are wise and clever.

For example, if you suffer from diabetes, seek advice from your doctor.

If you are unwell, don't fast

because in Islam exemption is given to those who are unwell.

They can make it up later on.

Mothers, when they have small children,

sometimes they breastfeed their little children,

so it's hard for them to fast while breastfeeding the baby.

We all need to prepare for our fast,

not just fast during the month of Ramadan abruptly and suddenly.

To prepare we need to psychologically get ourselves geared up to it.

We need to start reducing the amount of food we take.

We need to become aware that we need more water in our body to cope with it.

If I fast now, I'm getting ready for Ramadan

to fast for the whole month.

So if you fast some other days

it will be easier for you to fast the whole month.

When you're hungry your body wants a lot of food,

so just try to control it and follow in the Prophet's steps.

This is what I advise you to do. Don't eat a lot.

Overeating is not good for your health.

What we suggest is before Ramadan

slowly but surely increase the water intake.

Maybe half a litre a day, but weeks before, not the day before,

because you could potentially harm yourself.

We believe that's the best way to prepare your body

so that it's fully hydrated before the fast begins.

In Ramadan we should be eating a good diet,

such as high fibre, fruit, vegetables.

Food that gives you slow energy

and it releases into your system

energies that will stay with you for a long time.

According to tradition,

we are supposed to break our fast with a glass of milk and a date.

That's not what most Muslims do.

They stuff themselves with lots of fried food,

that is of course very fast-burning and it gives you a very good kick,

but in the long run is very harmful to your body.

If we eat and stuff ourselves throughout the night

we are more likely to harm ourselves physically.

Fasting makes me feel very healthy, very light.

It's the month where I detox at the same time.

It allows the body and metabolism to rest and relax a bit as well.

So it's a healthier body, healthier mind and a healthier soul, as I believe.

Ramadan is a great opportunity for us to give up all our bad habits,

including quitting smoking.

Not just for Ramadan but for the rest of our lives.

As well as adopt into our lives a healthy diet

and a better, more balanced, good lifestyle.


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