Video walls

Interactive tools, smartphone apps and podcasts

  • GP online services

    Watch these videos and find out how GP online services have helped patients take greater control of their health.

  • Dementia: carers' experiences

    This collection of videos offers a variety of information and advice to help you care for someone with dementia

  • Strength and Flexibility videos

    Watch these videos that were created to support the Strength and Flexibility plan, a five-week exercise programme delivered through podcasts.

  • Digestive health videos

    Watch videos of real people and experts sharing information and advice on complaints ranging from diarrhoea to gallstones.

  • Dementia friends and family videos

    Watch carers share their stories of how caring for a loved one with dementia can affect relationships with friends and family.

  • NHS Health Check videos

    The NHS Health Check is for 40-74 year olds and is designed to check your circulatory and vascular health. Watch real people share their experiences and experts share their advice on avoiding vascular disease.

  • Eating disorders videos

    Watch these videos featuring experts and real people to get an insiders view of life with an eating disorder. See how people have overcome their illness and used their experiences to help others.

  • Mental health videos

    Watch these real-life stories to get an insiders view of life with a mental health condition. See how people have overcome their illness and used their experiences to help others.

  • Sexual health videos

    From vasectomies and sex over 60 to contraception and STIs, watch other people share their experiences on sexual health matters that concern them.

Your NHS Health Check

Millions of people have already had their free "midlife MOT". Find out why this health check-up is so important

Weight loss guide

Lose weight the healthy way and learn the skills to keep it off with our 12-week weight loss guide

Couch to 5K

Tips on getting started with the Couch to 5K running plan, including podcasts and real stories to motivate you

Strength and Flex

Download our Strength and Flexibility podcast series and get a free personal trainer

5K+ running podcasts for C25K graduates

Take your running to the next level with new podcasts for Couch to 5K graduates