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0113 855 6300 Seacroft Hospital, York Road, Seacroft , Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 6WB

Eating disorders (inpatient)

This Department is managed by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

YCED, Newsam Centre, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds, LS14 6WB
0113 855 6400

Newsam Centre entrance

The Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders offers inpatient, outpatient and day services.  

The inpatient ward is a 19 bedded unit based at the Newsam Centre at Seacroft Hospital and treats both males and females living with a variety of eating difficulties. 

The Community Team provides specialist intensive community based service for adults with severe and enduring eating disorders registered with Leeds GPs. The team works alongside GPs, other primary care professionals, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, voluntary sector and social services.

The Outpatient Service offers treatment 7 days a week and outside of office hours.

Here's a few quotes from service users about their experience of the service:


  • “Would definitively seek help again but have no intention to have to return. I have really valued the staff's dedication and kindness during my stay, they are very approachable and non-judgemental and I have felt understood and accepted.  The communication between staff and service user is generally good, and there are lots of opportunities provided for planned and unplanned contact time.  The care provided for individuals with complex or multiple needs, including non-mental health related issues is existent.  The care seems well adapted to meet individual needs which from my experience had a really positive impact on enabling me to access the service and complete my chosen programme.”


  • “It provided a safe and secure place to share my feelings and get help and support from someone who was experienced in eating disorders, and so was able to give me the help and support that I needed.  Having one person who I could trust with my thoughts and feelings.  Setting realistic goals that I felt I could achieve with the support I was getting”.

Things you should know

- 2227 outpatient and community contacts over the year

- 19 bedded unit with 2 dedicated male beds

- Average length of stay is 56 days


The team includes Psychologists, Health Support Workers, Dieticians, Nurses, Psychiatrists and Occupational Therapists.  

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Last updated on 05 March 2015.

Information supplied by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust