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Anonymous gave Obstetrics at Hull Royal Infirmary a rating of 1 stars

treatment of family members

my son and his girlfriend had a beautiful baby boy yesterday morning, as you would expect being the babys nana and him being my eldest sons first baby we were all very exited and were eager to meet him. Baby was born just before 08.00 and having already packed my youngest son off to school (we live in Bradford) it ment we had to do some arranging before we could set off. by the time we could set off after collecting my son from school it was close to 13.30. off on the motorway we went collected presents and my daughter and her 2 nearly 3 year old we arrived at the hospital at 3 minutes past 16.00 .... visiting time was over but the nurses would not let us in to see our new grandson and told my son that i sounded "disgruntled " well yes i did we had a small boy we had been in the car for two hours had to struggle to find parking and then to be told well actually mother of the father you will have to wait until 18.00 now to see him.... where is the compassion in that ? where is the joy and happiness .... so an exiting day was turning into a stressful day... Any way we gave my son the presents not knowing what to do for 2 hours as its rush hour and all our family live in Withernsea and had we have gone there we would have just had to turn straight around to come back due to the traffic at that time of day... on arrival back at the ward daughter asked a nurse that was leaving the ward if we could go through to be told actually no its no 18.00 yet finally got through the doors to be told there's 5 of you cant have so many at the bed side oh and small children also are not allowed to say our pleasant supposedly happy visit was a disaster. one of the nurses when the "gaffa" wasn't watching shoved the rest of the party into the room and told them to lock the door behind them and keep out of sight! i thought the old "rotten row " was bad but my goodness its time the patient and their choices were taken into consideration instead of this institutionalised paternalistic approach to care which should have been demolished along with the old hospital.... Nasty place...very cruel and if we had not have taken my youngest son out of school we would not have seen baby for two weeks just who do they think they are? please do not respond with ward structure and the usual rubbish that seems to be the standard response we were lucky we could stay what about the ones that cant?
very very unhappy Nana

Visited in January 2016. Posted on 12 January 2016

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Hull Royal Infirmary replied on 15 February 2016

Thank you for placing your posting on the NHS Choices website. We are sorry to read of your recent experience in the Women and Childrens Hospital. We will ensure your comments are shared with the department.

In order to address the concerns you have raised, we would like to invite you to contact our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) on (01482) 623065 or email They will be able to take further details and advise accordingly.

Thank you once again for taking the time to provide us with your views on local NHS services.

Kind regards,

Patient Experience Department
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

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