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01273 309447 Steyning Road, Rottingdean , Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 7GA

5 out of 5 stars

Based on 12 ratings for this care provider

5 Stars

5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 12 ratings for this care provider


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Anonymous gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

Very caring environment

My mum stayed here for emergency respite care.

The Home itself has a very homely feel, a good social programme for the residents, if they want to join in the activities. The garden is lovely. The choice of food is good and they helped cater for my mum, whom is celiac. The home is in the lovely village of a rottingdean and is a 10 minute walk from the beach, easy access by bus. There is a very small car park and most of the time there are parking spaces available opposite the home.

My mum had a lot of input from the staff and because of this has become a little bit more independent when she returned to her own home. She has a little more confidence in herself.

The staff were very professional, with a very caring approach. I cannot recommend this home highly enough.

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 28 September 2017

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Nikki gave Highbury House a rating of 4 stars

Welcoming, friendly and plenty of fun

My mum went to Highbury House after a spell in hospital. We were promised she was going to rehabilitation and at first I was concerned this was not a rehabilitation home. I contacted the home and the manager immediately reassured me and said the hospital used rooms there when there were none available in rehabilitation places and would send physios and therapists there. They really put me at ease as I had lots of concerns with all mum had been through in hospital.

Mum had a nice homely room with all she needed.

The busy staff are so welcoming to family and friendly and caring to the residents. The food is good.

There is a programme of events through the week to keep residents entertained, from singing and bingo to going out for a walk. Schools visit and chat to the residents as part of their projects. Mum made friends there and very much enjoyed her stay.

There is a nice garden for residents to sit out in as well as lounges inside.

We have been invited back for their garden party too.

I have little experience of nursing homes but we felt lucky mum had been placed at Highbury House.

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 21 July 2017

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Anonymous gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

A truly caring environment

My wife Jackie stayed here for just short of a month before moving to a re-habilitation centre. The outstanding feature of this place is the staff. Without exception they managed to combine professionalism with a friendly, caring approach which was extremely important to us both. The older part of the building gives a pleasant homely feeling, and the food is first class. Lovely garden out the back, and a full social programme for those who want to participate. In practical terms the home is easily accessible by bus with stops within easy walking distance, and car parking is available in the road outside.

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 20 May 2017

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Anonymous gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

An Excellent Home

My morher was at Highbury House for just over 3 months . The level of care at Highbury House was excellent . A particular strength comes from the staff many of whom are highly expereinced and enjoy being at Highbury House so have been there for some time which shows itself in Highbury House really feeling like a community. I felt that staffing levels were strong at all times (a lot of my visits were in the evening and at weekends and I never felt that the level of support was lacking)..This is a real positive as I know that some other homes in the city struggle to fill all positions

The nursing staff showed unfailing judgement in knowing when to call for external medical support and I had a great deal of confidence in them. The Carers tend to focus on certain areas of Highbury House which means that residents get to know individuals well and a number of them developed a strong personal rapport with my mother which of course makes a huge difference.. Everyone is very cheerful and has great communication skills with the residents

I thought the food was excellent and people go out of their way to provide tailored requests which is nice

The rooms are cosy and comfortable. My mothers en suite looked brand new and other equipment around the home was of a good standard. Cleanliness was good

There is a good variety of activities organised at Highbury House and for those residents who are not able to leave their rooms time is allocated for chats and company within the rooms.

I had not appreciated that even for a nursing home the surrounding environment is important. Rottingdean is excellent with a duck pond, a couple of tea rooms and the promenade all within easy access for even short excursions. One day I saw a whole procession of residents visiting the theatre just 5 minutes away. There is a nice simple garden with room for plenty of rersidents to go outside without it being crowded ..Carers may have time to take residents out. I will always be grateful to the staff who proved that these outside visits could be a success when they took my mother out for an ice cream on the promenade on the first sunny day in spring

I found the management of Highbury House very efficient as well. I had confident that the details were looked after well but also I felt that this was not at the cost of empathy with friends and family many of whom are going through a difficult time.

Nursing home costs are, as ever, high but I felt that Highbury House was actually cheaper than others I know yet offered a more personal service so represents excellent value for money. Car parking is tight but only once did I have to park more than a minute away

I see that a number of reviews have been posted by relatives of people who are perhaps very ill but I would say that there are a number of happy residents who have been there leading fulfilling lives and I did feel that the atmosphere of Highbury House, no doubt helped by the cheery staff was always upbeat and welcomie

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 07 June 2017

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Gill O'Donnell gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

Thank you

My mother-in-law Joyce lived with MS for many years. Her last few years were spent in Highbury House. I can say enough to express my gratitude for the care and love Joyce received from every member of staff.
We were as a family made welcome and felt at ease not matter what time of day we called in to visit Joyce. As she became more bedridden I could see the tenderness and happiness which was present in the home. Even when Joyce was bad tempered due to pain or disorientation the attitude of the staff remained constant.
During our involvement with Highbury House we have enjoyed so many events and celebrations which regularly take place. Garden parties,Christmas dinner,bingo,musical concerts all took place.
For Joyce's 90th birthday we were allowed the entire lounge to ourselves , where we ate fish and chips whilst watching Calamity Jane...singing along with Doris Day!
Once again thank you Highbury House...you made such a difference to our families life.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 07 February 2017

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Anonymous reviewed Highbury House

A wonderful Nursing Home

Although, my mother Janice was only in the care of Highbury house for the last week of her life, the love, care and attention she received from the staff there was truly wonderful. The nursing home was full of warmth and light and she was tenderly looked after. When her health deteriorated rapidly on her last day, she was never left alone until the end which is of huge comfort to my sister and I. I will always be grateful to the nurses and carers of Highbury House who treated her my mother with immense sensitivity and humanity.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 13 February 2017

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Worthywellies gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

Exceptional care, dedicated staff and beautiful surroundings

My mother started living at Highbury House in February 2015 following a fall down her stairs two months earlier. She was expected to live for 4 days - 2 weeks. Well, what a testament to the care! Mum sadly passed away today which is almost two years later. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. The Care Home is very well led by the manager and the whole staff work as a cohesive team. The whole workforce appear happy in their work and nothing is ever too much trouble. The home feels just like a home and the food always smells delicious with the home being spotlessly clean and no nasty aroma's. The care home (and particularly the manager) have been an amazing support to me through some very difficult and challenging times and they are always happy and welcoming. All of my family and friends who have been to Highbury to visit Mum were so impressed and she was extremely lucky to have had her last days there. Even at the end, she was treated with upmost dignity and respect. There is nothing I can find fault with and I will miss everyone there.

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 20 January 2017

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Anonymous gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars


My father recently spent a short time at Highbury House before his demise.I have nothing but praise in terms of the overall professionalism but more importantly the obvious care and compassion that was shown throughout.The facility is also very cheery and the surroundings upbeat staff excellent.

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 01 February 2017

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Emma Moss gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

My dads time at Highbury House

I have nothing but praise for the staff at Highbury House and would recommend it without hesitation.

My dad was sadly only at the home for seven months before he passed away but in that time he was shown such care and warmth. Nothing was too much trouble for them. He made good friends amongst the staff and they did everything they could to help him settle in.

In the last few days of his life I witnessed first hand the high level of care and dignity they showed him and I am so happy he passed away at Highbury House with people around him who genuinely cared for his well being and did everything possible to make him comfortable.

I also feel that as a relative, I was shown such consideration and thoughtfulness.

I really cannot fault the home at all, it's a lovely place with a beautiful large garden for the residents to enjoy. There are plenty of activities each day, which dad really enjoyed and the rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. Meals are well planned and tasty. The atmosphere in the home is happy and bright and there is a very homely feel about it.

Visited in November 2016. Posted on 18 June 2017

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Gary gave Highbury House a rating of 5 stars

Our family thanks to all the staff at Highbury House

Our Mothers family & friends cannot praise the staff at Highbury House enough at a very difficult time for us all, during the last days of our Mothers life. We could not have asked for more care, respect & genuine love towards our Mother from all members of staff. Carers, nurses, caterers & management were available at all times to attend & assist as needed. When quiet times were required we were treated with respect & left to ourselves. We were regularly asked if we needed refreshments & were made to feel 'at home' at all times! We all felt that our Mother was safe in all respects & that all staff members were fully trained & able to deal with any eventuality. Whilst visiting on one occasion a full fire drill was run. We were warned in advance & witnessed the smooth running of the whole drill leaving us in no doubt that in the event of such a real emergency the residents would be in no danger at all. Entry to the home was strictly monitored & there was no danger of unwanted visitors 'wandering' in. Signing in & signing out ensured safety for visitors in the event of an emergency. Alarm calls were answered swiftly. We never felt that we were in the way & any questions were always dealt with immediately. Whilst our Mother was there for only a brief period, we felt she was immediately embraced, loved & cared for from beginning to end. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Highbury House to any family requiring full or short term care. Thanks to all of the staff at Highbury.

Visited in September 2016. Posted on 18 December 2016

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