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01752 268011 Local Care Centre, 200 Mount Gould Road , Plymouth, Devon, PL4 7PY

4 out of 5 stars

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4 out of 5 stars

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Based on 7 ratings for this trust


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Graham gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 4 stars

Excellent service last night

Went here as couldn't get through to 111 and we don't live in Plymouth either. Extremely helpful staff who really looked after me well done including arranging for me to see Devon Doc GP. Feeling better now. Thank you to all the staff

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 03 May 2017

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Livewell Southwest replied on 09 May 2017

Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to hear of your positive experience.

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Elaine McCormick gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 5 stars

Very friendly & helpful staff, I felt totally at ease.

I never like to bother people as I've always felt there are others far worse off than me, so for me to go to see a Dr is hard. I needn't have worried though as the staff at the Cumberland Centre were so friendly and jolly & helpful. Made me feel totally at ease & welcome. The waiting time was very reasonable and the free parking was a real bonus compared to Derriford. Thank you

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 07 May 2017

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Livewell Southwest replied on 09 May 2017

We are delighted that you found the Cumberland MIU such a reassuring experience.
Best Wishes

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babs678 gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 5 stars

Podiatry services via Thornbury Centre and Mt Gould LLC

when I first approached my Podiatrist I was extremely depressed and tearful as I have mobility and multiple joint conditions and difficulties, I was at the point where I felt I was not going to be able to walk for much longer. I attended each session and did exactly as I was advised with basic exercise like going onto tiptoes briefly daily to build strengh, I also was issued with insoles to correct my feet, most importantly my podiatrist reassured me and was very proffessional in their manner, every session my treatment was clearly explained to me. It wasnt easy and took a few months to implement all treatments, although I still have extreme pain I can now perch correctly on my feet and am able to do short bursts of walking far more comfortably than previously. My treatment has helped all my other joints as I was not correctly postured. The treatment I received basically changed my life for the better, Im not cured and never will be but I have seen multiple other depts for my health problems but who knew your feet can cause all sorts of additional problems with your skeleton. I owe so much to the Podiatry dept as I have control back in my life... thankyou

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 17 February 2017

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Wendy Bowden gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 5 stars

Copd home visit

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank a member of staff, part of the COPD
Team for all of their help advice and attention whilst l was feeling so very unwell. I was becoming very distressed which was aggravating my breathing problems.
After being taken to Derriford A and E .they arranged a home visit from this member of staff, they sorted out all my medication for Copd explained fully how and when the medication should be used
And talked me through my anxieties.
After just a few days my condition improved.
To this team of wonderful nurses please pass on my sincere thanks for their invaluable services.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 24 February 2017

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Livewell Southwest replied on 09 May 2017

Thank you for taking the time to feedback about the COPD team. We are pleased that you found the team so helpful.

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Anonymous gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 1 stars

Shocking Treatment by Health Visiting Team

My review concerns the health visiting team. I was initially happy to let the health visitor assigned to me and my son into my home. However, after a year, I felt that their services were no longer required. I am college educated and yet the health visitor would offer suggestions like, 'Don't let your son eat too much sugar', and 'Make sure you brush his teeth regularly.' I found this condescending and upsetting, yet I nodded and smiled as I didn't want to make the HV feel awkward. Then, I began to feel increasingly 'monitored' by the HV after splitting from my partner. At first, they said my son was 'very behind' with his speech and would need referral to the speech therapist. This was the first I'd heard as his nursery and our doctor were not concerned. However, I went along with the referral. When the HV's colleague came to drop the referral letter to me, i was having a late start. I then got several phone calls from the HV, and although i tried to return the calls, there was no answer and no voicemail. Sure enough a few days later, the HV turns up at my door, and begins to interrogate me as to why I was having a late start when their colleague came over. I explained I was having a stressful time with my separation, and had been assaulted by him, and was therefore in the process of seeking an injunction. I showed the person the bruise he left on my arm, and they sympathised with me about the domestic violence. However, a few weeks later when I asked the health visitor for a letter confirming what I had told them about the domestic violence, they acted very flustered, and confused and said it would cost me £65 per hour. They also said I could not request the letter. At this point, I suspected that they thought I was lying about what had happened to me, so I could get legal aid. It got to the point where I had to involve their manager, and finally I was offered a letter if I paid £32.50, which I did. Of course, the letter sent to me was not in the format required by Legal Aid, and so the request was declined. I believe the HV and their manager knew this would be the case, as they had hinted as such. While they have not directly called me a liar, this is the implication as they have still not provided the letter to me in the correct format, and so this is the only conclusion that can be drawn. Of course, I no longer feel comfortable having this or any other health visitor involved with me or my son, and will be writing to them to tell them so. I only hope other women in Plymouth are not getting the same treatment - being made to feel like inadequate parents and even liars and criminals - when they are actually victims of domestic abuse or worse. I feel there is a worrying culture of not believing women, and lack of accountability of its practitioners, in the NHS. I also feel once you are tarred with a certain brush, you are not believed. I feel this is down to social stereotyping, and general unconscious or conscious bias toward low income women.

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 25 November 2016

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Livewell Southwest replied on 28 November 2016

I find your account very concerning for all the reasons that you outline. I would very much like to find out more about the whole situation as this is not the kind of practice that I recognise from Livewell Southwest Health Visitors. Please could you contact me at your earliest convenience so that we can thoroughly investigate it. I can be contacted on 01752 434736 or via

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Adrian Brewer gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 5 stars

Cumberland Centre MIU excellent. Devon Doctors appalling

Excellent service very quick and I would use again.

Unfortunately though they were unableto prescribe required medication and I was referred to Devon Doctors at Derriford..

What a difference. Total shambles despite being referred. . Waited for many hours... I was tempted to leave in pain rather than continue the experience.

Shame that they let the service down

Visited in May 2016. Posted on 01 May 2016

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Claire Gatehouse, Patient Experience Manager, Livewell South West replied on 11 May 2016

Dear Adrian,
I am glad to hear about your good experience of our MIU at Cumberland Centre.
I wonder if I can clarify whether it was Devon Docs that you saw at Derriford or the Acute GP Service? The latter is one of our services and if it was the Acute GP Service we would like to know more so that we can look into the issue.
Perhaps you can e-mail me on
Many Thanks

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Anonymous reviewed Livewell Southwest


Poor choice of food within the Glenbourne unit, expected a health nutritious menu plan with different options such as sweet potato or pasta but offered none and this goes against NHS eat health and live well plan.. Disappointed in the service received.

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 14 February 2016

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Livewell Southwest replied on 16 February 2016

With reference to your concern about the choice of food within the Glenbourne Unit, I have been to meet with the Hotel Services Coordinator to review what is on offer. I found that there is a 3 week rolling menu, which is adapted seasonally. There are laminated photographic of that days menu put up in the dining areas to aid choice. As well as meat dishes (cottage pie, lasagne, curry), there are vegetarian options such as Moroccan Bean Casserole, Quorn Tikka, Roast Vegetable Quiche. There is also always the option of a jacket potato, omelette or salad for lunch or supper. In addition, patients are able to tell staff if there are no choices that are suitable for them and special diets, such as vegan or gluten free, can also be provided if required. There are ‘Patient Food Suggestions’ forms available as well. However, the Matron of Glenbourne recognises that staff could be better at telling people that they have a choice. So your feedback has been a useful prompt to remind staff of this. It was explained to me that filling & hearty meals are provided as such diets are often suited to many of the medications that patients in Glenbourne are receiving. Diets are also reviewed by a dietitian to ensure they are healthy and nutritious. Thanks to your feedback we are adding a question about food to the In-Patient Survey that we conduct regularly with patients on Glenbourne. This should ensure that patients are giving us regular feedback regarding the food choices and we can respond accordingly.

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myles gave Livewell Southwest a rating of 1 stars

seriously wrong

The employees of this service are disturbingly inadequate right up to lead management. The whole service needs to be scraped or severely overhauled.

I got turned away from the clinic by an unsympathetic, rude receptionist whilst three employees coming out of the staff room leave the building at 10 am just before this receptionist comes back and shoves a letter in my face, whilst another employee stands in reception looking like they're enjoying the show. These people don't care.

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 30 December 2015

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