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3.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 5 ratings for this trust


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Hobbling reviewed West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

The staff were wonderful

I visited the Felixstowe Minor Injuries Unit. The staff were wonderful and I have no complain about them but I do have concerns about the wasteful processes in place.
I was diagnosed with a broken foot that needed an xray to see if it was healing correctly. As my injury was more than 48 hours old I was told that they could not do an xray there and then, but that I had to visit my GP or go back on Monday to see the duty GP.
So two phone calls later and after a visit to my GP I will have a referral to Aldeburgh Hospital for an xray that could have been done at my original visit. I feel like it was a waste of time and money!

Visited in August 2017. Posted on 15 August 2017 using Care Opinion

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Anonymous gave West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Great care on Ward G5

I would like to say a huge thank you to the doctors and nurses on G5 who took great care of my dying mother early in August this year. The nursing staff treated her with gentle care and dignity until she died on 5th August 2017. The staff were absolutely wonderful and the doctors kept us informed on a daily basis of her treatment and condition.
Thank you so much for everything.

Visited in August 2017. Posted on 17 September 2017

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Alexis gave West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Care Suspended in Time on Ward F7!

I attended the hospital on Thursday 6 July for a Gastroenterology appointment at 2:20pm The doctor in this clinic was superb. The doctor however recognised that I had another illness unrelated to what I was seeing them for but felt that it was serious enough to warrant sending me to A&E,I had planned to go to my GP.

However, I went to A& E around 3pm and once more I received excellent attention from the doctor and nurses there. I was next transferred to ward F7 around 5 pm for further treatment. I had severe upper back, neck and arm pain, chest pains and a swollen left arm. I am also an insulin dependent diabetic.

I remained on a bed in ward F7 in agony from around 5 until 10 pm, without ever seeing a doctor. When I finally decided that I was going to go home where at least I could take my insulin and other strong pain killers until I could see my GP and I asked to have the cannula removed from my hand so that I could leave, only then did a doctor come to speak with me with a promise of giving me an x-ray, some insulin along with other medications which I take.

The doctor then had to consult with their managers as to whether I would be sent home or kept in hospital. The doctor then left me and I waited until past 10:30 and no action resulted. No insulin, no medication came, no information either.

In absolutely agony I stumbled out of the ward F7 supported by my husband having had no treatment and was exiting the ward with the cannula still in my arm, when a nurse offered to remove it while I was in the corridor; I was grateful for this and I subsequently left the hospital the same way I had arrived, I agony and pain and untreated!

This is now 4:22 in the morning of Friday the 7 July that I am writing this since my intense pain and agony has caused me sleep deprivation, alongside the fact that I had had a spell of vomiting which could mean that I have picked up a 'bug' on that ward.

Can I attribute this level of non-treatment to government policy, NHS cutbacks, overworked staff, lack of sufficient doctors or this time plain and simple disorganization. Which shall I pick? Or is it a case of all of the above? Whatever the answer, I am still undiagnosed, untreated, uncared about with undermined health!

This time thanks for nothing!

In pain and agony!

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 07 July 2017

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Brooke Dixon gave West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Horrible no helps

I'm 11 weeks pregnant the surgeon I saw after 6 hours wasn't even the one I was meant to see then said they'd ring me to schedule a scan to see if my baby is okay. They said someone would ring me before Monday. It's now sundae and I have work tomorrow no scan scheduled I've been stressed about my baby as I initially went up there sent by my GP for stomach pain. The staff were rude! and did not help to inform me of what was going on. 6 hours later and it all turned out to be a waste of time!!! I rang A&E just now and the person i spoke to was rude and very unhelpful didn't even try to help me find my surgeon after giving my NHS number and name. I have lost all respect and trust

Visited in March 2017. Posted on 05 March 2017

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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust replied on 27 March 2017

I am so sorry to hear of this. I will ensure your feedback is shared with the teams who will be disappointed that you received such a poor service.

Please contact our PALS team on 01284 712555 who would be very happy to assist with sorting these issues out for you.

Kind regards
Patient Experience Team
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

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Janet McGill gave West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Care at its very best

I was taken to the West Suffolk Hospital by emergency ambulance with gastric problems. I arrived in A&E in much pain but was instantly made comfortable, examined thoroughly and admitted to a ward. I spent 6 days at the hospital under investigation. The care, at all stages, was superb. Nothing was too much trouble. The doctors explained what they were doing and why (in layman's terms) - I had scans, ultrasounds, Xrays, blood tests to find out what was wrong. All done super efficiently by wonderful staff. The porters were always jolly and considerate. The nursing staff were incredible - so kind, friendly and warm. They worked brilliantly as a team, continually asking each other if they needed help. They always had time to comfort patients if they were upset.
The beds were extremely comfortable, the washing facilities always clean. The food was delicious - best homemade soup anywhere in Suffolk!
I now await an MRI scan and operation - I have already received a booklet telling me clearly what to expect at the scan so it holds no fear.
Thank you West Suffolk Hospital - you are doing a wonderful job - as is the ambulance service. We are indeed very lucky to live in this county - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Visited in March 2016. Posted on 20 March 2016

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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust replied on 29 March 2016

It's really good to hear about your positive experience Janet, thank you for taking the time to leave the review. We will pass it on to all involved, who will be delighted with the feedback.

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Phil Bowcher gave West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

G4 care

To all the wonderful staff who looked after my father Alan (William) Bowcher with so much care and respect during his last stay here.
I can’t express how much it means to my Mother, my Sister, brother and I to know that you cared for him so tenderly in his last days.

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 07 February 2016

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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust replied on 10 February 2016

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. We are sorry to hear of your loss and will make sure that your kind words and gratitude are passed on to the team that cared for your father.

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