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2.5 out of 5 stars

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 1 stars

Absolute Joke But not making me laugh

I was booked as a day patient at Oaklands Hospital in Salford for surgery to have some cysts removed. This was as an NHS patient. The hospital called me and advised me to arrive for a 1630 procedure and I arrived there today at 1600 so in plenty of time. I checked in and heard the receptionist phone the surgical team and let them know I was waiting.
1630 came and went. 1700 came and went. I overheard the receptionist tell another customer that things were running late however I shortly afterwards saw a man who I recognised as my surgeon leave the building. By 1730 I went to enquire how long the delay was and the receptionist made a call and looked a little awkward. She said I’d be called for my procedure very soon.
Maybe ten minutes elapsed. My name was called. A last ushered me into an office and immediately apologised. Somewhere along the communication lines something had fallen. The theatres had closed for the day. The staff gone. No procedure would be happening. She couldn’t be more apologetic but I’d taken time off work and let my employer know I’d be off a few days so they paid overtime for my job to be covered. My partner had also taken the day off to drive me there and back. Now I’m home. No surgery. No idea when I’ll be brought back. The choice of using two days from next years holiday allowance to cover this fiasco. Or go on a disciplinary when I have to take more sick leave for the actual procedure.
Really not funny. Really not impressed.

Visited in October 2018. Posted on 15 October 2018

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 3 stars

Night time nursing staff let Rivers hospital down.

I went to Rivers hospital for a total knee replacement. I had a really good experience pre-op, both with my consultants and the physiotherapist explaining exactly what was likely to happen on the day of my op and shortly afterwards. My op was early Saturday morning. During the day I was assisted to the toilet twice by a nurse using a commode. MY bad experience started on Saturday night. The original pain killers had worn off and I was having to call the nurse for pain relief every 2 hours. By the time it kicked in, and I got to sleep I was maybe getting from 40 minutes to an hours relief every 2 hours. I was tossing and turning in my bed ( more of that later). Inseemed to have quite a cocktail of drugs. I wanted the toilet once during the night. The nurse didn’t want to get the commode and I had to use a frame but I hadn’t been given any instruction from physiotherapists as to how to go about it. I walked extremely slowly to the toilet. The sister got impatient and called for a colleague to get the commode. My return to bed was via the commode but the sister couldn’t manoeuvre it, and I ended up sitting at the base of my bed as she hadn’t positioned it correctly. I realised why she didn’t want me to use the commode! By morning the nursing staff changed my pain relief to codeine. That certainly gave me pain relief. Sunday fire on I vomited twice which was put down to the drugs I’d had. I was so exhausted I didn’t get out of bed except for the toilet. On Monday two nurses came to supervise my first shower. They commented that I had a big bruise on my back, where I had had epidural and advised I get some arnica for it. Turns out they were pressure sores! No one in the hospital ever considered I had got pressure sores, they didn’t even recognise them, and it wasn’t till I got home that I realised indeed that was what there were, caused by my first awful night. How can this happen? My experience at night didn’t get better. No one ever asked me if my bowels moved. On Monday I told staff I was constipated, caused my the codeine no doubt. I was put onto lactulose, but the night sister came in with codeine! And no lactulose. When I told her she simply said oh well don’t take it then, but the lactulose never arrived. I was discharged on Wednesday. On Friday I went to my GP for my pressure sores and I was still constipated. I tell my friends who ask after me that I had an awful first week. I did, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that.

Visited in March 2018. Posted on 06 April 2018

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Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited replied on 18 April 2018

We are so sorry that this was your experience and not at all what we would expect for our patients at Rivers Hospital. We would like to fully investigate the concerns you have raised and would ask that you contact the Management Office on 01279 602647 to provide us with your details. We will acknowledge your complaint in writing and advise you on the complaints process should you wish to take this further. We can also speak to your consultant and arrange an urgent follow up with the Physiotherapist and the consultant if necessary.

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 1 stars


Very recent stay for knee surgery. My opinion of how I was treated is very much mixed, the Surgeon and Anaesthetist were excellent, I was very worried about my operation and I feel that they went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and at ease, they were very supportive and even had me laughing, thank you.
My opinion of the nursing staff sadly was not the same. Whilst some were friendly, caring and compassionate some came across as lacking in people communication skills, they spoke as if they were reading from a script and definitely lacked warmth and compassion. They need to understand that their patients are human beings, with emotions and who sometimes need to be supported.
Physiotherapists, initial pre op consultation disappointing, pleased that they could make a favourable appointment but then saw a physiotherapist who talked very fast, even when we asked her to slow down she did for only a minute and then went back to full speed. This was obviously a talk that she had given many times before but didn't seem to grasp that this was the first time her patients would have heard it.
Food, in my opinion only one word to describe, awful. Hot food was at best lukewarm, the choices were extremely limited, only one meal which changed daily, curried chicken served the next day as cold soup.
Medication not given properly, staff don't seem to know how to read MARS sheets. Tablets that I had been taking prior to admission just seemed to disappear, pointed it out to staff but no one came back to me.
Discharged on inappropriate pain management medication, suffered terribly at home until I was able to contact my GP who thankfully prescribed the right pain medication for me.

Sadly the excellent staff were overshadowed by the overall experience, I was generally very disappointed in the standard of care received and whilst there are some very good people there I felt some failed in there overall duty to a point which was not acceptable.

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 05 February 2018

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Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited replied on 06 February 2018

I am very sorry to read your review, because based upon this we have clearly not met yours or my expectations.

I would very much like to speak to you about this and in my absence until the 19th February, could I please invite you to speak to Debby Blease, Matron and Head of Clinical Services.

Alternatively should you wish to speak to me, I would be more than happy to discuss this upon my return.

Hopefully we will have an opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you soon.

Kind regards

Chris Gendall
General Manager

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 1 stars

Winfield Hospital - Fell far short of expectations

Visited Winfield end February 2018 having opted for private treatment; advised of eight month NHS waiting list and apprehensive of risk of potential long term damage to my health.
Do not wish to publish detail as formally raising complaint but the hospital has failed to respond to my request for a complaints' email (auto-reply received),
The reception staff were treated very poorly by an arrogant consultant; they apologised profusely for a situation they had no control over; he attempted to run a ridiculously overbooked clinic single handedly, failing to communicate with staff or patients.

I am adding to the comments previously published for the benefit of others.

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 07 March 2018

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 1 stars

dissapointed patient

My choose and book option was rivers hospital waited to see surgeon was put on list for knee replacement, waited four months returned two medical questionares one within 24 hours or be removed from waiting list.
My operation date came through and my premedical appointment came through two weeks before operation at this point i was told that they were unable to operate on myself due to pre
existing problems that were highlighted at the initial consultants appointment.
I now need to be transfered to PAH where i am told because i choose like many patients to opt for the rivers i will need to go to bottom of list even though its the same surgeon with at least a 30 week wait because there patients are priority over myself.
I would like to point out that i am still an NHS patient and i was not told anywhere along the process that i would need to attend a general hospital i thought that was why we submitted a medical questionaire, i think i have been treated very unfairly.

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 18 September 2017

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Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited replied on 18 September 2017

We are very sorry that you are unhappy with the service that you received and we would like to investigate the matter fully.
There may have been a combination of factors that led to the decision whereby it was decided that it was not appropriate for you to have your surgery at Rivers hospital. Patient safety is our utmost priority and it may be that your required clinical needs meant you needed to be treated in a hospital with acute facilities such as a High Dependency Unit, which we don’t have on the Rivers Hospital site. We will deal with your concerns following the hospitals complaints process and provide you with a full written response as per Ramsay Policy, if you could get in touch with us directly at the hospital on 01279 602 648 we will follow this up with you.

Yours Sincerely
Acting General Manager

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Anonymous reviewed Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited

Oaklands hospital

I was admitted on the nhs for a knee replacement operation on 28/9/17.the room I was given can only be described as dirty. The toilet was constantly in flush mode and I was assured this would be fixed by time my operation was done . That was Thursday dinner time .the toilet was seen but not fixed so all Thursday night I had this noise to deal with as well as bad sickness from the medication I was on. I was vomiting all Thursday night and all early hours Friday morning . This obviously is going on to the bed sheets and Friday I'm vomiting on and off till Friday evening still no toilet fixed and its starting to smell of sewers and still no clean bed sheets on the bed so now it's Saturday morning around 11 am still no toilet fixed and still no bedding which is an absolute disgrace for an hospital. Saturday morning was the only time I seen a cleaner . Two members of house keeping came up to see the room and advised I would be moved which was too late as I was going home that day wether they let me or not to be honest. I heard nothing from any member of surgical team to inform me how operation went wha t to expect etc etc . Now I know this would never have happened to a private paying patient as I've been one am disgusted with the whole experience. Couldn't fault the nurses at all or the care they gave . The same respect should be given regardless of wether you are private or nhs I will take this up with the nhs complaints process

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 02 October 2017

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 4 stars

Springfield hospital NHS patient

My 80 year old father was booked for inguinal hernia repair 5/7/17. He was told to be at hospital at 11.18. Unfortunately he did not go to surgery until 14.15, and spent 31/2 hours in surgery and the recovery room , due to a very large hernia. This did concern my mum as we were told 2 Hours. The student nurse was very reassuring and put my mum at ease explaining my father was ok and nothing was wrong. The. Nursing team were very attentive and treated my father with dignity and respect. My father was discharged at 21.30pm, following post operative instructions regarding his wound, DVT prevention, analgesia instructions and exercise.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff on the inpatient ward for there caring manner.and professionalism when dealing with my father.

The only criticism I have is that my father was in a room for two. The other gentleman was discredited at 18.30. His medical notes were left on the windowsill for the whole time we were in the room, I feel this was a breech of patient confidentiality and should be addressed.

Despite this concern I would recommend friends and family to this hospital.

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 06 July 2017

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Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited replied on 13 July 2017

I am pleased to hear of the positive experience that your father had with us at the hospital. I am sorry that there was a delay between his admission and the time he was taken to theatre. Unfortunately it is difficult to be certain about theatre timings due to the complicated nature of surgery and the fact that every patient is individual and procedures take different lengths of times. I am glad that your mother was kept informed about the additional length of time taken in the operating theatre and pleased to hear that all my staff treated your father with dignity and respect at all times as this is what I would expect

We are very sorry for medical notes unrelated to your father’s care being in the same room and have reported it through our internal systems and a full investigation is under way. We have discussed this in detail with the nurses that were on duty for that shift and reminded the staff of their responsibilities to protect patient information.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention as it is through such feedback that we can continue to improve the service we offer to all of our patients

Stuart Emerson
General Manager

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 1 stars

Operation for sinus surgery... Day surgery only

I was referred to the Fitzwilliam hospital in Peterborough by the NHS for this operation. This was not my choice as I was quite happy to attend the Peterborough City hospital as a NHS patient but, as I really wanted the operation to take place, I was equally happy to attend the Fitzwilliam.
On arrival, during the op and recovery all went well with two nurses both being wonderful. Operation was scheduled for 8.15 am and all ran to time. Told at lunchtime " will get you a sandwich and then you will be able to go home". Let my wife know and she arrived at 15.30 to collect me. Still waiting for medication so unable to leave. Waited until 16.15 and then my wife approached the nurses station to enquire if we should be waiting for prescription or were we okay to go. My wife was advised by a member of the nursing staff that they had a patient to discharge, they had my medication in front of them and they would be with us in 10 minutes. A senior nurse, wearing the dark blue uniform, witnessed and confirmed this. Still waiting at 17.00, 17.15 and then my original nurse came to check why we were still waiting and tried to find the discharge nurse.... Nowhere to be seen!
They finally came back to us at 17.35, an hour & 20 minutes after their 10 minute advice. We had a barely mumbled apology, 2 minute run through of meds with the comment that " all the info is on the packets". Really made to feel like like I had no right to be in the hospital as I was disturbing their routine.
Totally disgraceful and unacceptable and a very poor standard of service. As I had eaten only a sandwich since 8pm the previous evening, and had been given a general anaesthetic, I was feeling worse than necessary due to being left for 3 hours awaiting discharge with no offer of further food or drink.
The obvious fact seemed that the " discharge nurse" had taken a distinct dislike to my being an NHS patient and decided that I could wait whilst they took a break and discharged everybody else. They actually went to both the rooms opposite mine, after my wife had been to speak to them, and managed to discharge these patients without any problem but, somehow never managed to look my way .... And all the bedroom doors were open! The senior member off nursing staff also went by my room on several occasions but they also managed to " not notice" that a colleague had decided that we could wait and wait and wait...
The regular nursing staff who looked after me all day were excellent but if this hospital is prepared to employ staff who have a problem treating NHS patients they should seriously consider not treating NHS patients at all and raise their income from other avenues. Being understaffed or " only one nurse for all discharges" is a very poor excuse for such disgraceful direct discrimination.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 09 June 2017

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Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited replied on 16 June 2017

We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience at Fitzwilliam Hospital, we aim to deliver the highest standards of care for all of our patients and we have not met them on this occasion.
I am the Business Service Manager, if you would like to e-mail me directly I can assure you that we will do a full investigation and response to your complaint. Lynne.Nelson@ramsayhealth.co.uk

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Benedict Smith gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 5 stars


I would like to thank and commend all the staff from the reception team, the nurses who have regularly changed my dressings and the consultant who performed my double hernia operation in June this year.

This was my second operation at Euxton Hall and the staff there are understanding,polite , helpful and a credit to the hospital.

I would not consider going to another hospital due the the amazing way I have been looked after.

Keep up the great work and thanks again

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 05 August 2017

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Anonymous gave Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations Limited a rating of 1 stars

private patient weight loss surgery at the Yorkshire Clinic

The person who did the operatione was very professional and nice, operation went well.
The aftercare service has been terrible which is sad as this is a reflection on the consultant and the disorganised team that represent them.
hers a list of things that have gone wrong
1 not given the correct information and what to eat after surgery, the excuse the dietician gave me was the "we have just won this contract and that we have had to cobble some information together"
2 After 3 months the correct information regarding what blood tests need to be obtained by my GP still not forwarded to my doctors
3 Six months later my Gp is still no wiser as to what blood test need to be done or what multivitamins need to be given even thou I had been told this information would be forwarded again.
4 There is a total lack of comumication between peolple and departments
I would not recommend Ramsay to any of my friends for any private type of surgery

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 31 October 2017

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