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2.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 5 ratings for this trust


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jean gold gave North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust a rating of 1 stars


I have been referred for endoscopy. I have been waiting for this. when I rang up one person told me I was on the system waiting for date. was put through to another department who then said they could not find me on the system.

what a joke. I am a health care worker and think type of service is disgusting.

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 12 October 2017

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust replied on 17 October 2017

Dear Mrs Gold,

As we discussed on the phone, the usual process starts from a GP referral to the Registrations Department, however to provide an efficient service I have booked you an outpatient appointment.

It is most likely that the member of staff from Endoscopy could not see you on their booking system because you had not yet been seen in outpatients. The waiting list entry for the procedure does not appear on the system until the consultant agrees you need this procedure and sends a referral through to the Endoscopy Department. The member of staff would therefore not be able to see anything on the system to state you are awaiting a procedure.

I apologise for any misleading information and upset this has caused you. I do hope that I've been able to resolve your concerns, and that your appointment goes smoothly.

Kind regards

Kyri Kokkinos
Service Support Manager

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Anonymous gave North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust a rating of 1 stars

North middlesex experience

I visited north middlesex after having been referred from the out of hours service at chase farm due to heavy bleeding and a suspected miscarriage. After arriving at middlesex I was left to wait for 5 hours before being seen. In the state of panic I was in, you can imagine how stressed I was. The best part of my visit was having met a receptionist who fully understood my predicament, they pushed for me to be seen sooner and spoke with doctors. Had it not have been for this lovely person I would have not been seen for a further few hours. Considering I saw numerous people with what was obviously not conditions for a hospital visit. I was very frustrated. The police kept bringing in individuals that had been arrested and then less than an hour later they would leave. Prioritizing in the hospital is appalling. Furthermore there were two individuals who were drunk being racist and causing a scene, at no point were they escorted of the grounds despite numerous police officers entering and leaving. Instead these individuals were placed on a list to be seen as they claimed they were unwell. Later on I overheard the two men talking about sleeping there, so basically it was used as a place to sleep rather than a place for medical treatment.

This is my complaint from one visit for myself. Prior to this (2 years ago or so) my father suffered numerous heart attacks and strokes and was admitted via his doctors surgery. Due to the ambulance taking so long I was advised by my dads doctor to drive him to a and e, which I did. Yet again he was left as I was, with a far more serious life treating condition. And was not seen in the first hour, until I pushed for him to be seen and further explained his predicament, only then was he seen straight away. This shouldn't have to be done, the condition should be correctly assessed. As my fathers heartbeat was more that double what it should have been and he was hospitalized for over a week on this occasion.
Such a shame as I know the nhs is pushed for resources, but some sort of effective prioritizing should be implemented.

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 18 September 2017

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust replied on 03 November 2017

Dear Anonymous
I was very sorry to read your concerns. I do appreciate that the A&E waiting room can be a difficult place at times, but we have a duty of care for everyone who comes through to our department. All patients are assessed (triaged) on arrival and treated in order of priority based on their clinical condition.

I would be very happy to investigate your experience further. Please will you contact our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) on or call them on 020 8887 3172 with your details. I can then respond to you directly

With my best wishes

Sijomon Mathew
Accident and Emergency Department

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CR777 gave North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust a rating of 4 stars

Extremely caring staff

My 92 year old grandmother was admitted to North Mid via A&E last week. Although clearly the staff are very busy and under a huge amount of pressure, every single staff member we came into contact with was kind, caring and patient with my nan. She received excellent care and was out within a few days. Thank you North Mid!

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 11 April 2017

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust has not yet replied.

Adam gave North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust a rating of 5 stars

Kind and caring staff at this hospital

I'd like to add a comment to say how impressed my wife and I have been with this hospital. We've only been using the maternity services but the staff have been so incredibly helpful and compassionate we both wanted to leave a review. We've not yet had the baby but due to complications have had to make more visits to this hospital than we were originally scheduled to. It's so nice and reassuring to actually have staff remember us and be considerate when taking blood samples and actually giving us information that other hospitals previously hadn't. Secondly, we've been seen by a different midwife every time but every one has been fantastically helpful and has really put us at ease and given us all the information we needed. They've also been super helpful and have given us some good advice. We may be nervous first parents but things would have been 1000% more difficult without the help of the staff here.

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 26 October 2016

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust replied on 26 October 2016

It is wonderful to receive such positive comments. I am delighted that you found the maternity staff welcoming and helpful. I am the head of midwifery, and will be sharing your comments with the team.

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Anonymous gave North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust a rating of 2 stars

Amazing staff let down by poor managment

I visited the hospital to treat a brest lump which required excision.
All the staff starting from reception, nurses and surgeon have been extremely caring, professional and helpful.
Baring in mind that I've been throught the same procedures the year before in a different hospital I was impressed how this time the brest biopsy didn't leave me any sign or disconfort at all!
The nurse gave me their personal number and personally got in touch with me to check upon my situation. I was over the moon to finally have found a great service in an hospital and decided to keep on going with them through the surgery procedure.
Than my poor experience started. The date of the surgery has been postponed several times and once I have been given the one final one and therefore made the necessary arrangements ( time off from work and got my family here from abroad in order to assist me as I am here by myself and been told I couldn't leave the hospital alone ) I get a call the day before telling me the the procedure has been cancelled due to management decision and no further date has been given me until two weeks after.
I do understand that priority must be given to more urgent cases but it is unacceptable that patients get bounced from date to date and with very little notice as people have lives!
Few day after my supposed surgery I get a call from lovely nurse asking me to come over so they could check over my wound , had to explain that there is no wound as surgery never happened. That makes me wonder if they actually communicate inbetween departments, and that has been confirmed to me even more as a follow up appointment has been booked for a surgery that has never been performed.
Absolutely riddiculous!
It is really a shame that all those hardworking staff memebers that tr their best to give patients the best experience are let down by poor managment and serious communications breakdowns.

Visited in May 2016. Posted on 10 June 2017

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust replied on 12 September 2017

Dear anonymous
First, I want to apologise that it has taken us so long to respond to your feedback. I was pleased to read that you initially found our staff professional, caring and helpful, but very sorry that your experience then changed. We do sometimes have to rearrange the planned dates for people’s surgery for various reasons. Our Theatre Manager would welcome an email from you, providing her with further information so she can investigate the situation completely for you. We will then be able to ensure that processes are put in place to avoid the miscommunication between departments in the future.
It would be helpful if you could send your details through to our PALS team ( We look forward to hearing from you further.
Kind regards
Elizabeth Ball
Divisional Director of Operations
Surgery & Cancer

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