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Anonymous reviewed Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust

Asthma attack on the road A&E experience

I was driving through Guildford on the A3 and had been struggling with an asthma attack due to my inhaler running out when me and my mother both decided it would be best to seek help and not try to make it home.
The A&E staff immediately put me into the streaming room first due to my trouble breathing. Both nurses in charge were incredibly reassuring and friendly and I immediately was handed a new inhaler and told to wait and see but also to take another dose in ten minutes if needed. The nurse also took my oxygen. One of them checked on my progress after 15 mins and after an hour just to be sure I was allowed to leave. In that time I had time to observe the A&E and cannot commend the staff enough on the job they are doing despite the threat the NHS is under as a whole these days. Incredible hospital and department of you're in distress.

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 11 September 2017

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Christine Mitchell gave Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Endoscopy and Colonscopy

I had the above procedure yesterday and I was really scared. Fortunately it was early morning. The staff we so kind and caring and put me at my ease. I was sedated and though a little aware (like dreaming) - I did not really feel too much and I was put in a recovery room and given a sandwich and a cup of tea which was heaven. My consultant performed the procedures and they must have been exceedingly gentle as I have not had any adverse effects from it - I'm back at work the next day and to be honest I feel a bit of a wimp for being so scared. If you are lucky enough to have this procedure at Royal Guildford Hospital, though I know everyone is different, personally I cannot thank the staff and the Consultant enough for making what could have been a horrendous experience, totally manageable.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 20 June 2017

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Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust replied on 26 June 2017

Thank you for taking the time to share feedback on your recent experience at Royal Surrey County Hospital.
Coming into hospital for a procedure can be incredibly daunting, so I am pleased to read that the team were able to put you at ease and make your feel comfortable.
We're incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic team in Endoscopy, who always work incredibly hard to put the patient at the very centre of their care.
I will make sure that your message is passed on to my colleagues in Endoscopy, who I know will be delighted to receive your kind words.
Once again, thank your for your feedback.

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Walton Palace reviewed Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust

The whole of my treatment was excellent

In July of 2016 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the recommendation of the hospital was that I had a radical prostatectomy. In very quick time (I was away in the US and Canada for 4 weeks of the intervening period) I was given a date for surgery and so I was admitted to the Royal Surrey County Hospital for surgery in late October 2016. The whole of my treatment was excellent, as good as I could have hoped for, from the moment I was admitted to the hospital to the time, about 30 hours later, when I was discharged. Everyone from the surgical team under Mr Patil to the admissions nurse made me feel relaxed and confident about the outcome of the operation, and kept me fully informed about what was going on. My wife and I were particularly touched that both Mr Patil and the recovery nurse took the time to ring her up and let her know that the operation had been successful; it certainly stopped her worrying for longer than was necessary. I have made very good progress in my recovery and much of that is due to the expert care and attention I received at the Royal Surrey.

Visited in November 2016. Posted on 14 February 2017 using Care Opinion

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Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust replied on 20 February 2017

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on your visit to Royal Surrey County Hospital in July of last year. I am pleased that the staff looked after you so well and kept you full informed. The team will be delighted to read your comments. Thank you for thinking of us.

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Diane gave Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Frequent Visitor

I have had reason to visit the Royal Surrey as an inpatient and on several occasions as an outpatient over the past 2 years. I have received excellent treatment from all the departments that I have been to, which has included x-ray, orthopaedics, the Castle department, endoscopy, Haste, haematology and Nuclear Medicine, all departments were clean and tidy and the staff pleasant and informative. I was an inpatient twice last year on Bramshott Ward and cannot speak highly enough about all the staff from the domestics to the consultants. I was treated with respect and compassion at all times The ward was clean and tidy. I have only one complaint about the hospital and that is the food, it was totally inedible. The other 5 patients that I shared the bay with also complained, to be honest I wouldn't feed a dog the meals that we were served up, however as I was not there for the cuisine but to be made well, and as that was achieved I would recommend the Royal Surrey whole heartedly. I will be having another operation before Christmas , but will be having my meals brought in.!!

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 11 October 2016

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Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust replied on 27 October 2016

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I'm glad to hear that you have always had such positive experiences at Royal Surrey. We are lucky to have a great team who do their best every day to provide excellent care. I will share your comments with all the departments mentioned and I know they will be grateful for your kind words. Receiving such an appreciative message means a lot to our staff.

Our kitchens are run by a private organisation, who are responsible for producing over 15 different menu options to cater for around 1,500 patients each day. Here at Royal Surrey we are rather unique in that much of the food that is served is homemade and created on-site by a team of chefs. I am disappointed to read that the food you were served was 'inedible' and I will pass this feedback on.

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