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01271 322577 North Devon District Hospital, Raleigh Park , Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4JB

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Adamski gave Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust a rating of 3 stars

Incompetent receptionist

It doesn't fill one with confidence when the receptionist is so incompetent that they repeatedly ask you for your name and date of birth over and over again. That was my initial experience of this so-called walk-in centre.
I went up to see if I could simply see a doctor for some advice after injuring my leg and being unable to walk. So, I hopped into the foyer and waited to see the receptionist to make an appointment.
However, it turns out the basics of my name and date of birth proved an uphill challenge for the receptionist. It wasn't that they didn't understand me but rather that they were baffled by the fact that they couldn't find me on the system. I explained that I hadn't been to the hospital before and therefore it may be unlikely that I would be on the system. However, they persistently tried to find me by repeatedly asking me for my surname and date of birth around 6 or 7 times. Perhaps they were trying to impress me with their tenacity?
Unfortunately though they just gave me a distinct lack of confidence in a system that would employ one so incompetent. They didn't even apologise for continuously asking me for the same information over and over as if I hadn't already told them the salient details. It wasn't until my patience began to wean somewhat that it seemed to dawn on the receptionist that this wasn't really the best way to go about things.
Anyway, eventually they resigned them self to defeat and decided to create for me my very own sparkling new record. At which point they asked me for, well, you guessed it, my name and my date of birth! I felt like asking them if it was some kind of schtick that they had going but unfortunately I fear that may have just thrown them into a new realm of confusion.
So, sadly I was not impressed form the start when such, and I don't seek to be kind, such people are employed in a public service role. They then just rubbed salt into the wounds by compounding my 15 elongated minutes of misery by saying that I probably wouldn't see anyone for another 4 or 5 hours. Brilliant.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 03 June 2017

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