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020 3214 5700 Stephenson House, 75 Hampstead Road , London, NW1 2PL

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Anonymous reviewed Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Strugling but kind and caring at a time of patient overloads

I am a long term patient (customer!) of this trust in NW London. Staff under severe pressure at times, some annoying things of course, particularly lack of suitable IT that can communicate with GPs. Having staff type up medics letters and post them to GPs, where they then have to scan them in- in 2017!!!
My Psychiatrists and Psychologists have been great, the support staff, especially reception, are brilliant; often working under difficult circumstances,from other patients, "The system", poverty and poor phone systems.
Well done to everyone for trying hard and caring. Pay the staff properly and fund the service better and remember the NHS is not a business, it is a service, fundamental to all people.

Visited in November 2017. Posted on 14 November 2017

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Loulabell987 reviewed Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

No one is answering the phones

My implant expired 1st April, I called Woking contraception clinic first week of march when they were not provided by west London health trust. They told me I could not book and appointment till the beginning of April when they have changed providers to you. So I called again on the date they told me tol bare in mind my implant expires on 1st April, and it took me to a voicemail explaining they were doing training Monday - Wednesday, understandingly I waited till Thursday to then call again and book an appointment, I called 15 times on the Thursday which led me to the same training voicemail, which explained Thursday will be open to book for emergency appointments, which I was going to arrange as my implant had expired over a week at this time. No answer at all, unfortunately I was away the week after and when I could phone again it was bank holidays which then led me to not be able to book an appointment.
So coming back to work and everything going back to normal I phoned and phoned and phoned (35 times) no answer all day, my mum phoned my friend phoned, no one was able to contact the clinic. I tried my GP but the wait is 2 months away and cannot book until June. When I spoke to the clinic in march they told me that if I call when everything is up and running again I should be able to get an appointment quite soon, so now a month has almost gone past of me attempting and failing to have my implant replaced or removed and now I am stuck with this in my arm. I'm very upset about the way the clinic is treating me since the change of provider and I feel that if they should be able to answer the phone and be there for their patients.

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 19 April 2017 using Care Opinion

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Central and North West London Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust replied on 24 April 2017

I am very sorry that your first encounter with the service has not been as we would have hoped. Please can you email me at elizabeth.nelson-smith@nhs.net or call me on 020 3317 5467 to discuss this further and to arrange an appointment for you?
We have had some problems with the phones in Woking and we are looking into opening a central booking line, this will mean that we don’t have a call surge during the opening times and it will provide better access for patients in the future. We are working really hard to get this in place soon, this will mean that you won’t have to experience this inconvenience again when you next need to use our services.
Elizabeth Nelson-Smith
Sexual Health Team Leader

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