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Barrykat reviewed Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Depression and the Sandwell Crisis team

I attempted suicide in March this year due to depression. After I had left hospital I was referred to the Sandwell Crisis team. They have saved my life.
After leaving the hospital I was deeply disappointed that my attempt had failed, I felt useless and unworthy, I was a broken individual that was hiding behind a mask. My intention was to not fail next time. I was referred to the Sandwell Crisis team. At the first meeting I was impressed that they seemed to actually "care", they didn't seem to be just going through the motions but I was still sceptical. I agreed a care plan with them and expected that to be it, that now they had done this I wouldn't really see or hear from them again.
The team visited me everyday to talk to me and see that I was ok. I saw a fantastic Doctor that took a genuine interest in my case and wanted me to get better. I saw the team physchologist who was straight talking, truthful and very good at their job. The support worker assigned to me is one of the nicest, caring person I have ever met. Every single person I met made me feel cared about. I have never in my life felt that "strangers" could care about your wellbeing but there has not been one member of the team that has failed to impress me.
Over the time that I was under their care they have worked hard with me to give me the tools to cope with my depression and I have worked hard to use those tools. Not just for myself but because I wanted to show these wonderful, caring people that I wanted to get better, because of this I am now able to carry on, while I am not fully recovered I can now cope with the bad days.
I would like to thank the whole team for their care and diligence and while I hope that no one will be in the position that I was in, if they are, then I hope that they are lucky enough to be in the care of professional people like the Sandwell Crisis team.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 13 September 2017 using Care Opinion

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Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust replied on 14 September 2017

Thank you for taking the time to share you feedback about your experience with our Sandwell Crisis team.

It is always lovely to receive positive comments and they are a real boost for our staff who work so hard striving to provide the best possible care to our patients.

It is so important at times of need that those caring for you are kind and sympathetic and it is particularly reassuring to hear that the doctor, psychologist and support worker that you were assigned were respectful, kind, caring and always on hand to help you when needed. We are really pleased to hear that this was your experience and of how impressed you were with the care that was given by our staff during this time.

We have passed your glowing feedback onto the team involved in your care and wish you all the best in with your recovery.

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Anonymous gave Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 2 stars

Bad Management, Ineptitude and a shocking Complaints Dept.

Responsible for a wide range of service including alleged counselling and therapy treatment. I was subject to a grossly xcessive waiting period, I met the most poorly trained staff who lacked even the basic understanding of human rights. The senior staff seemed to take excessively long and frequent holidays. I found there was very poor continuity during long gaps in treatment during holiday periods. I was also adverslt affected by sudden and unexpected staff changes and with little engagement in major decisions often affected by poor communication. The Line management system to the Complaints process is basically tokenistic lipservice, my complaints were not handled promptly (6 months!!) nor properly investigated ( no TOR) and if so often by the wrong people in charge or at the last minute to be seen to have done. Some senior staff are happy to 'collaborate' on investigations which does seem highly irregular but it goes. Staff have either lost their empathy or feel so hopless and demoralised some welcome external scrutiny 'off the record'. Where complaints are eventually upheld, if you are so unlucky the patient is likely to be quickly discharged from the service without proper afrer care arrangements being in place and is left to sink or swim...or worse. There is very poor follow up and few meaningful positive outcomes for mental health patients. The organisation is grossly top heavy, staff are overpaid and has the audacity to claim its time to shine ... only before external inspections, then back to the bad old ways.

Visited in April 2016. Posted on 23 September 2016

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