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Anonymous gave East London NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 4 stars

Pockets of very good support ecountered at Hackney NHS Trust

In a previous review I have spoken about a Medical Senior Doctor providing me with unprofessional care at North Hackney CMHT. It is also important for me to say about the excellent support that I received during this difficult period from other parts of the Trusts Services.

I have had excellent Telephone Service from the Crisis Team and would give them 5 stars; the receptionists were incredibly busy but helpful, and a particular Senior Social Worker is a caring and compassionate person who I spoke with on the telephone once and who attended the painful meeting with the doctor on June 28th 17 . These practitioners and services that I encountered had a 'Can do attitude', in contrast to the Medical Doctors 'Can't help attitude' with a conscious effort to withhold his expertise.

Following my meeting with the doctor on 28.6.17 I was distressed. By the grace of God an Administrator who I had known for 20 years but had lost contact with actually approached me when they saw me crying and confused in the waiting area. They sat with me, calmed me and distracted me enough to be able to get home safely as I was thinking of jumping on the railway lines, the same transient thought I had last time I saw the doctor. My suicidal ideas are constant but manageable most of the time as I have learnt to live with them. The Operational Manager was very nice but they saw me without an appointment and only had 5 mins but invited me to write to them as they would be away next week. The environment is nice, clean, airy and calm.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 03 July 2017

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 03 July 2017

Thank you for this feedback which we will pass on to the team for further discussion and action.

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Anonymous gave East London NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 2 stars

Neglect of Care by Community Mental Health Medical Team

I have also had some good support and care which I will put in the post following this one.

28.6.17 I had my second appointment with My Psychiatrist Dr. X at North Hackney Recovery Community Mental Health Center.

There can be no excuse for this medical team treating me so neglectfully. It took me over a year to get funding arranged to pay this Trust to treat me. Dec 2016 I was acutely ill and a psychiatrist who I had seen previously increased my Quetiapine dose to manage symptoms in the short term as I was accepted by this Trust for treatment 7.12.16.

The first apt was 3.2.17 by which time I was very unwell but not able to communicate it well for a number of reasons. I had no or 13.4.17. On the 24.5.17 still no formal medical examination or medication review on that appointment. Just a Dr. Justifying why I did not need the service, wasting his time and resources.

2.6.17 I became very breathless, with swollen throat, hard to swallow, palpitations, large bruise on leg, headache, increased suicidality . The acute symptoms were getting worse although manageable after a few hours. I felt like I was going mad because each time I got to A&E the symptoms had diminished (except the bruise). My G.P repeatedly tried to get another appointment to see the doctor but weeks passed and I had no appointment. I sent in my medical notes from the previous psychiatrist to Dr. XX and blood for Quetiapine levels was taken in A&E and Dr. XX also arranged for Quetiapine levels to be done. I had an apt with Dr. X 28.6.17.

It was crazy. X said X had asked for someone to sit in to discuss my prior complaint (see posting above). I said I was not well enough to do this. X said there were no quetiapine level info available to X and that X told my G.P to start Risperidone. X was absolutely passive aggressive, frustrated and told me to call the crisis team or duty and that they had told my G.P what to do. I reiterated to X that the commissioners of my trust were paying for the service. X said that they had not been told about that or what services were paid for. The Operational Manager did say the same thing. It seems to me that they think I am taking scarce resources from their area patients and giving them more work to do so feel justified in neglecting my care.

X continues to ignore that I struggle with suicidal ideas and refused to put in a support plan to cover me until I can be assessed to see if I am suitable for another part of the Trust service that does not have medical input and which they should at least know that the Drs have not done a formal medical assessment and medication review and risk assessment because I struggle desperately with suicidal ideas at times. X disrespect and abuse of power over me makes me feel more fearful, humiliated, ashamed, suicidal. I write this out as it helps to think I might get some help away from X, and expressing my anger in this way may reduce my suicidal ideas

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 03 July 2017

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 07 July 2017

Sorry to hear that your care with us is not going smoothly. And that your emotional state has suffered as a result of this. I hope posting this has helped you to channel your upset and frustration but would like to suggest that you contact our complaints team to get this situation formally looked into to find a resolution. Things cannot continue as they are and we need to find a way forward. You can call them on our freephone number: 0800 085 8354 or if you would prefer to write or email the Complaints team, their email is: PALSandComplaints@elft.nhs.uk. The address is: Complaints and PALS Manager, FREEPOST RTXT-HJLG-XEBE Trust Headquarters, 9 Alie Street, London E1 8DE. Please make contact as soon as you feel able to.

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Anonymous gave East London NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Sad to make formal complaint - Part One of Two

This relates to the other postings that I have made about neglectful care at Hackney North CMHT medical care only. I will have to make two postings for this entry as it is long. I can write out y problem but cannot speak about it without getting thought disordered, distressed and distant from myself so I avoid doing it even with my G.P.

I am very sad to say that it has come to the point when I have to make a formal complaint about the medical care I have received at North Hackney CMHT. I am sad for me because I am fearful that I cannot cope with the actual complaints process. I am also sad for the medical team because part of me identifies with their position of working with shortages of staff and care resources as a result of government financial cut backs. However, they have choices to take steps to find support for themselves so that they do not make mistakes and hurt patients or go on some sort of leave. I feel that this medical doctor is putting all of his anger on to me for a situation I have nothing to do with. So I am sad.

The doctor telephoned my GP to tell her the regimen to titrate me off Quetiapine and put me on Risperidone due to my allergic response of having to much Quetiapine in my system. There is no paper work of this or of the two clinical meetings that I had with him.

I saw the G.P on 14.6.17 and I was still having side effects of the Quetiapine. As instructed by the doctor I commenced starting the Risperidone on the 15.6.17 . By the 21st June I was feeling somewhat better and could concentrate better, had fewer and less intense palpitations and I had found that so long as I took the risperidone with an antihistaine (over the counter not prescribed) that the side effects where significantly less post taking the Risperidone. I still had slight narrowing of the back of the throat and small bit of food felt like it got stuck but I resolved this with a nasal wash. The muscle pain remained acute especially on sitting. On this date the risperidone was increased as instructed by the doctor. The ongoing side effects were thought to be related to still having quetiapine and respiridone in my body with Lamotrigine and w diminish over time. G.P arranged an appointment with the doctor which my G.P had arranged specifically to address the medication and side effect issues. The doctor had a different agenda and so this did not happen. I told them I felt better than being on the Quetiapine and then they went on to their agenda. When I ried to speak about the negative aspects of my problem they just said "you said that you feel better, now you are saying you are not, which is it" I have told your G.P to start the Risperidone. They were closed to sharing their expertise or anything about other aspects of my medication /side effects and my functioning. They said any problems call crisis team as part of my management plan.

Saturday 8th July night had episode of profuse sweating from head and neck area and palpitations but they subsided. Sunday 9th July post Risperidone

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 11 July 2017

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 25 July 2017

Please contact the Complaints team. They have experience of liaising with people who may feel worried about the complaints process so will hopefully be able to support you in getting your concerns addressed. You can call them or email them if that is your preferred way to communicate: FREEPHONE 0800 085 8354 or email: PALSandComplaints@elft.nhs.uk

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Anonymous reviewed East London NHS Foundation Trust

Sad to make formal complaint - Part Two of Two

This is the second of two posts relating to the neglectful care that I experienced by the medical team at North Hackney CMHT. It is a continuation because I could not fit all of the text on one posting c/o limit of 3000 words.

I write this out because I am unable o speak about it without experiencing an exacerbation of mental health symptoms that are unbearable, so avoid this.

Saturday 8th July night had episode of profuse sweating from head and neck area and palpitations but they subsided. Sunday 9th July post Risperidone had to call crisis team. difficulty breathing, swollen soft pallet and back of nose area, hard to swollow, r produce saliva despite taking antihistamine. Crisis Team excellent spoke to on-call Dr. said to reduce Risperidone back to initial dose and call ambulance if continues. I am reluctant to go to A&E again because by the time I get there and are seen the symptoms remain but are diminished and they seem angry that I have wasted their time for what they put it down to 'Anxiety'. I am unable to articulate the nature and degree of my problems as my speech is effected.

Today I will make a formal complaint but afraid it will add to my mental health problems, cannot speak about it only write about it. I am afraid of the complaints process and consequences of doing so.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 11 July 2017

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 25 July 2017

This is very troubling feedback. Please contact our Complaints team. They will support you in getting your concerns addressed. Call FREEPHONE 0800 085 8354 or email: PALSandComplaints@elft.nhs.uk

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Anonymous gave East London NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

No compassion, care interest from psychiatrist

Attended an appointment with community psychiatrist today. lasted 25 mins.

Thought they would help but not interested in me or my mental health problems. Gave impression I was boring them as they were sleepy hard to keep eyes open. Invalidating making me feel I was unworthy of using their service as according to them I was not unwell enough. I knew I was rambling. I asked if they could ask me questions about my history but they that I could answer. Ignored that and let me ramble some more. They said they had fitted me in and it seemed like they were just filling in the time giving me the time to ramble with no constructive purpose accept to demonstrate administratively that they had done their job with me.

I got the impression that they did not like me and I wasting their resources as I was not ill enough

Said they did not think I had Bipolar Disorder due to my age and that it is diagnosed in younger people. Said I had minor bipolar. Criticized my previous care saying i'd been micromanaged but did not explain what they meant.

I am at home ruminating about the meeting with them. I am angry and depressed. They gave me no hope that their services could help me. They said they fitted me in. If they were treating me disrespectfully due to lack of time then they should not have arranged to see me today.

They asked me what I wanted, I asked them what was available. They gave a list but was not hopeful that any part of the service could help me in a timely way. Nurses only see people with activity of daily living problems, Mentioned CAT and CBT but said nothing about access to those services. Said previous dr had referred me to psychotherapy services. They would assess me in June then I would be put on another waiting list which would mean my need for their services would no longer be needed.

They were disrespectful of me, unhelpful and it seemed intentionally so. Background to this was that I had seen their junior Dr. who they were supervising on two occasions. I had known the Junior Dr. all but briefly in a different setting . We tried to work together but I felt uncomfortable with it. I asked them if I could see a nurse or nursing assistant as I needed some support, someone to talk to. Today I saw that Dr's Supervisor and it felt like they were punishing me for making a fuss about their junior Dr. It is my responsibility to make sure that I receive the psychiatric care that I need and so I will see the same psychiatrist in 3 months but I will definitely take someone with me for support.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 24 May 2017

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 25 May 2017

So sorry to hear that your appointment was so unsatisfactory. And has left you feeling angry and upset. There is no indication which service you saw or which area, so I am unable to forward this to the appropriate manager to look into it. Also, posts on NHS Choices are anonymised so we cannot contact you to find out more. But the service needs to have this feedback.

So, you could contact the service and ask to speak to the service manager. They will be keen to hear what happened.

Or, you could call our Freephone number: 0800 085 8354 and speak to our Complaints department. Or put it in writing if that would be a better channel for you: https://www.elft.nhs.uk/Contact-Us/Complaints-Comments-and-Suggestions

It is good that you already have a plan to bring someone with you to your next appointment to support you, but we don't want anyone leaving a consultation feeling as bad as you felt. So I would urge you to get in touch with us formally so we can address this.

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P924 reviewed East London NHS Foundation Trust

Mental Health Care

In 5 attempts over the last 15 years of trying to gain access to mental health workers and receive a diagnosis of my sometimes crippling illness (which I believe to be bipolar) I have been referred to doctors that don't work for the system any longer, been given antidepressants that had huge side effects on me by a gp after an 8 minute appointment. I have had appointments cancelled and not been informed of it, not had any follow up contact after this effectively leaving me without any support or contact for almost 3 months between an appointment. When I was asked if I'd ever thought about suicide to which I answered "yes, very often! " And then rebooked appointment. These are just a few of a long list of serious failing I've experienced. I really don't know where to turn...

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 08 April 2017 using Care Opinion

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 13 April 2017

This is really concerning feedback. Posts on to NHS Choices are anonymised so we cannot contact you. Could you call us on Freephone number 0800 085 8354 so that we can talk to you and understand what has been happening. It is important that you get the support that you need, and the right intervention(s) to move forward with your life. Please call us

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Anonymous gave East London NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

The best care I have received in 15 years

I have received care in 5 different NHS Trust’s and can say that EFLT is outstanding.

At first there was slight difficult with the psychiatrist due to having had different diagnoses and unable to access all my history (which is time consuming and difficult to get hold of anyway!) but after time the psychiatrist got to know me more and understand my priorities and respect my decisions in terms of treatment. I had a long course of therapy which was very useful and finally have found medications that have worked for me, with less side effects and that have a lot less impact on my daily functioning.

Even a brief stay on a mental health ward the way the ward was way better than ones I had been on before. The staff had time to actually talk to me and even offered to talk! There were more staff and understanding ones at that. The ward itself was a bit old but you can’t expect them to be state of the art! The home treatment team were better and very encouraging, I have home treatment elsewhere which I didn’t like but this team kept me supported at home. The crisis line was hit or miss but different people will have a style of communication that you may find useful or not. Obviously when you are in crisis you can take this personally but after thinking about when I was unwell I was able to reflect on the experience of these services hence this review.

I thank everyone who supported me through periods of crisis and hope that other trusts learn a lesson from ELFT.

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 07 January 2018

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East London NHS Foundation Trust replied on 15 January 2018

Thank you so much for taking time to give us this feedback. I am that you have felt listened to and supported. You do not state which borough or county that you receive care in so I cannot forward this to the team(s). If you read this, please indicate which services it was so that we can ensure they can see how appreciated their input has been. Best wishes for your continued recovery.

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