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4 out of 5 stars

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Audrey scott gave The Christie NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars


Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April l 2017 and I can say without any doubt that the treatment staff and my own personal experience with first the Nightingale clinic and then the Christie's hospital withington has been positive and reassuring from beginning to end. I cannot thank the staff and the doctors enough.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 14 September 2017

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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust replied on 10 October 2017

Thank you for your positive feedback regarding your experience at The Christie . It is always lovely to receive feedback, when the teams work hard to ensure all patients visiting, receive the best care possible. Your positive comments have been shared with all members of the Breast team , who very much appreciate you taking the time to write the comments. They are glad that they have been able to reassure you during your treatment and that you have found the experience positive.

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Anonymous gave The Christie NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 3 stars

waiting time for everything ludicrous. need more staff

Have been coming to this hospital with my wife every week for the last three months and have never yet been accepted on time for an appointment. To treat vulnerable people in this way is neither professional nor caring. Only today we were one and half hours late only to be told there were only three doctors and they were dealing with sick people, excuse me arnt everybody in the waiting room sick of waiting. Every day we come there is some excuse obviously not enough staff. When you have bloods and treatment you can be there allday very tiring for people with cancer its like a paralell universe. Restaurant food absolutely average and restaurant like school canteen. This hospital has certainly taken a nosedive in the last four years there isnt even a comfortable place to sit.

Visited in March 2017. Posted on 22 August 2017

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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust replied on 14 September 2017

We are very sorry to hear that your experience has been disappointing. With regard to the delays, there could be a number of reasons for them. The process of having bloods taken, seeing the doctor and then ordering and delivering treatment is a lengthy process and unfortunately can cause delays. Without further information about your specific experience we are unable to provide further clarity. However, our contact details are below should you wish to discuss your experience in more detail.

With regard to seating and food options, the new Oak Road Main Entrance opened on 4 September 2017. This now provides patients with an excellent waiting facility and includes a Marks and Spencer 80-seat cafeteria, a WH Smith outlet, and seating for over 300 people in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

With regard to the dining room, it is acknowledged that the layout needs to be updated. However, plans were delayed as the dining room was the only facility on site. Now that other options are available, as outlined above, work will commence over the next few months to increase seating capacity and improve the environment for all service users.

We receive a lot of positive feedback about the quality of food served in the dining room. The meals are rotated on a three-week menu cycle and are all produced using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The dishes offer good value for money and meet our healthy eating target requirements.
I hope this helps reassure you that there are now more seating and dining options available. However, we’d like to learn more and our PALS team are very happy to continue this discussion with you if you are able to contact them. Their contact details are 0161 446 8217 or you can email or visit Thank you for the feedback as it does help us to improve services.

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Stan Chadwick gave The Christie NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Prostate cancer treatment at Christy at Salford Royal

Dear Sir/Madam
I have on 19 Jan finished 20 treatments for prostate cancer and I just had to put on record my appreciation of the service I received. The total staff were so professional in there dealings and gave you confidence in there actions. In addition all the staff were so kind friendly and helpful which made the visits so pleasurable that I feel I am going to miss my daily visits. All of the interaction meant that the atmosphere in waiting room was so interactive between those waiting as we tended to meet the same people each day

Stan Chadwick

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 23 January 2017

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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust replied on 26 January 2017

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback about your experience at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Radiotherapy department. It is always nice to receive such positive feedback and this has been passed on to the team.

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Anonymous gave The Christie NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

a huge thank you

The care my daughter received from the consultant and team was exemplary. Starting with the outpatients staff and special thanks to the member of staff who continuously checked we were fine while waiting i the clinic room. The consultant's colleague (Clinical Fellow) explained everything in detail and really put my daughter at ease as her previous experience within another trust had unsettled her, they gave her all the time to ask questions and not once did we feel rushed during the consultation. The staff in the admission department were also very caring, they could see my daughter was nervous and they did everything to put her at ease and make her smile. Not forgetting the theatre staff in particular the nurse who stayed with daughter throughout her procedure and explained everything to me afterwards, the love and care from all the multi disciplinary team working with this consultant was very evident at every visit and they certainly cared for my daughter with empathy and dignity. I am truly grateful to you all, your hard work and dedication certainly didn't go unnoticed. I'm sorry I am unable to remember all of your names but everyone involved in my daughter's care is a credit to the Christie and to themselves. Thank you so much

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 02 November 2016

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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust replied on 11 November 2016

Thank you for your kind words and for liaising with us to ensure that all of the staff involved were contacted and thanked directly. We wish you and your daughter all the very best.

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Anonymous gave The Christie NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

neuroendocrine tumour (NET)

Unfortunately I am deeply dissatisfied by the level of service provided so far. The request to christies was made over 3 weeks ago by our hospital, the only appointment we've had is for further blood tests after over 2 weeks of a stressful wait. At that consultation We where met by a nurse, who took the history etc and was very polite and helpful. However I was very dissapointed with the lack of willingness of the DR to answer our questions, who instead felt it necessary to ask me why so many questions where important! further I felt the doctor mocked me by asking me what I suggest they do, as I felt they where not giving us all the options available. To which the doctor swiftly rejected all my suggestion without an explanation.

Reassurance was not given regarding my mums condition until I stressed that they need to provide reassurance that she will be ok waiting as they where not starting any treatment or had a full diagnosis after such a long time, and as they where doing further investigations.

My mother had an urgent cancer screening sent via the GP over 2 months ago, as yet we have been told by our hospital that she has definitely got NET cancer with multiple malignancy but no treatment started or detailed treatment options given yet. Instead we have so far been told by christies that there is no cure, no surgery, nothing they can do for the NET but somostatins which can possibly control it, and that the liver malignancy is also something they can't do anything about and PRRT is not available on NHS anymore! However at the same time The Dr told us it is not aggressive and my mum is ok to wait another 4-6 weeks maybe more for treatment options! Extremely frustrated by the laid back approach, and conflicting information. I find this very inaccurate clinical advice as I am aware there are many options, whether they are willing to offer them based on statistics and funding is another thing.

We are now left to wait another 4-6 weeks for another scan, a review of the blood tests, and a 4th MDT meeting out come. This means my mother and family are left to stress and wait another 4- 6 weeks maybe more depending on when they book us in for a consultation.

Hence I feel very dissapointed by the initial consultation, the length of wait for treatment and the withholding of information by the Dr, and lack of willingness/ability to adddress our concerns. I feel very upset and felt as if I had to try and battle answers out of the DR who didn't give us any more clarity or information on the condition than we already had via our hospital.

Very Disappointed and disheartened, would have thought Europes leading centre would have Dr's who are sensitive to the patient and families queries and provided a service and treatment which matched or exceeded the NHS guidelines on time to wait for treatment. Unfortunately We are upset and deeply dissatisfied by the level of service provided so far.

Visited in April 2016. Posted on 03 April 2016

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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust replied on 14 April 2016

We are sorry to read about this experience. We think that you have already contacted our PALS team and we are working with you to resolve this. If this is not the case, we would be grateful if you could contact our PALS team on 0161 446 8217 or so that we can advise and assist.
The PALS team

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