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3 out of 5 stars

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Based on 9 ratings for this trust


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Anonymous gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Frighteningly chaotic

I saw my consultant in November 2017. At this time they (the consultant) considered performing my procedure that afternoon, but decided not to as there was no bed free and they deemed it necessary that i stay overnight. Late in December an appointment came through from day surge for Friday 12th January. I telephoned and explained that i was an overnight patient. An appointment then came through for Thursday 11th, to be seen in the Surgical Admissions Lounge, operated on, and transferred to a ward for the night. I rearranged my lifts and general support. A text reminder came through from Day Surgery. I phoned them and the SAL to try to clarify that i was an overnight patient. On 10th January i received a telephone call to say that my procedure was cancelled as their were no beds. I knew this was because of the flu epidemic, so it was fair enough though frustrating.
Then came a fresh appointment fof early February, to go to the SAL. I made my arrangements for lifts and aftercare. A few days before the date i again got a text reminder from day surgery. Again i phoned both departments, which are some distance from each other in the hospital. I tried to make sure that i wasn't expected in both places, and was assured there would be a bed for me. My appointment was at 12.30 and i duly arrived, nil by mouth of course. I was called to the cubicle in good time and my friend left. Various people came in to ask about allergies etc. Four hours later the surgeon arrived, drew a circle on my body to mark the spot, and shortly afterwards, at about 5, i was wheeled to theatre and given my anaesthetic. I woke in the recovery room at 6. I was allowed water and then some tea, and was told i could go home soon. But I'm staying the night, i said. There's no one coming to collect me. Surgeon says you can go. Not possible, i said. I was woozy, faint with hunger and freezing cold. I remained on the trolley for almost 3 hours during which the room emptied of patients and staff. I watched as the board was wiped. The last shift ended at 9. Trolleys were cleaned. Just before 9 someone arrived to tow me what seemed like miles down the sub zero passages to a ward. It took me a while, once arrived, to change into my pyjamas, find my washbag etc, beg for a sandwich, and i was just settling down when another porter arrived with a trolley, announcing that my bed was needed and i was going to day surgery. I had to repack my stuff and get on another trolley for another long, freezing journey. With a canula on my left hand and the wound near my right hip, i had to sleep on my back. I woke at 6 to the sound of other patients complaining loudly about my snoring. The nursing staff did nothing to discourage this, which i thought unfair after what I'd been through. How my friend managed to find me i don't know. When she asked whether i was free to go, she was told yes, absolutely. I was supposed to be a day patient. I could have had my procedure in November!

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 15 February 2018

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Helenf gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Excellent Surgical treatment

I was operated on in DSU in January for gallbladder removal. All the staff, administrative and nursing was excellent. I was so lucky to have this hospital care.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 14 January 2018

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 15 January 2018

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We will share your comments with the Day Surgery Unit team. Kind regards.

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Anonymous gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Shockingly bad service in a&e

I visited a&e thos afternoon on the advice of two family members who are GPs. I had been having severe intermittant pain in my ankle following a running injury (severe to the extent that I have been inable to walk at times). The GPs I spoke to both told me to go to a&e as they believed that it was likely I had a hairline fracture or that a splinter of bone had become lodged in the joint.

When I arrived at a&e, I explained all of this and then waited for approxomately two hours (I am not in any way complaining about the waiting times - two hours was very reasonable for the injury in question). I was then seen by a nurse.

The nurse states that I appeared to be walking fine, gave my foot a very cusory examination and told me that they wouldn't x-ray it as the bones 'were fine'. She insisted it was a sprain, despite my symptoms being inconsistent with a sprain. She then proceeded to tell me off for coming to a&e at all and said that I shouldn't bother my GP with this injury. Her comments made me feel as though she hadn't listened to what I was saying and I was so upset that (to my embarrassment) i was in tears on the way home. I was especially upset as I am an NHS clinician myself (in a different trust) and the treatment I recieved today was not what I would expect from either myself or my colleagues.

I am still in pain, still intermittantly unable to walk and unsure of where or who I should turn to for further care or medical advice.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 29 December 2017

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 04 January 2018

We are sorry to hear about your experience here in Salisbury and the way in which you were made to feel by our staff. If you would like us to look into this in more detail, please contact our Customer Care Department on 0800 374208. In the meantime, if you are still experiencing problems please could you come back to our A&E department so that we can carry out a further review.

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Noreen Stainwright gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Superb A&E Service

Had a late night visit to A&E last night for an ongoing condition which is awaiting surgery. Every single member of staff couldn't do enough for me and I received speedy tests, treatment and reassurance. The waiting time was suprisingly short and everything was sorted and I was on my way home with reassurance and medication in under 3 hours. My treatment plan and planned follow up was clearly explained so just waiting for a call from the surgical team today. Well done and thank you to everyone especially my doctor.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 02 May 2017

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 25 May 2017

We are delighted to learn of the high standard of care you were given. We will ensure that the Emergency Department team are made aware of your comments and thanks. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Noreen Stainwright gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Unacceptable Surgery Waiting List Times

I provided a 5 star rating for the service I received in A & E on 2 May 2017, so it with great regret that I rate the Trust very differently for their surgery waiting list times and lack of communication. I was referred for surgery in November 2016 and was given to understand that the standard 18 week waiting time would be achievable and that I was on the 'urgent' surgery list. At no time were my options under NHS Choices ever explained to me, which is a failure in duty of care. On 2 May 2017 , after being on the list for 23 weeks, I was informed that the list date had slipped by a further 10 weeks and that potentially my operation could be done towards the end of July. I simply could not wait any longer as I was feeling so ill, so decided to investigate the private option and my operation was carried out in just 6 days! As a pensioner it has been difficult for me to find the money but my well being just had to come first. What has really annoyed me is that I could have gone to the same hospital with the same surgeon under the NHS but it was never explained to me as an option. This is an unacceptable and appalling failure in duty of care.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 25 May 2017

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 30 May 2017

We are very sorry to hear about your waiting time for surgery and the issues that you have raised here. Please can you call our customer care department on 0800 374208, so that we can look into this in more detail. Thank you.

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deb g gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

we are lucky to have a fantastic hospital

I had a fracture dislocation of an ankle taken to SDH by a fantastic ambulance crew. (Many thanks for Entonox!) I was seen and treated with in a short time and transfered to Amesbury ward and had surgery every person in the hospital team are fantastic and the follow up in ortho out patient clinic was amazing we just need a bigger hospital to cope with the number of houses/military returning/people living longer please help this fantastic hospital xx

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 17 June 2017

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 20 June 2017

We are so pleased that your care and treatment was of such a high standard and also that you hold Salisbury hospital in such high regard. Your comments will be passed to the teams involved in your care, who will be delighted to receive this feedback. Furthermore, let us reassure you that Salisbury hospital is continuously working with military and other local partners to ensure we continue to offer the healthcare our local community requires. We wish you well with your recovery.

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Graham Ingle gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Amesbury Suite SUITE

All the staff in the Amesbury Suite that cared for me after an operation for a complete new knee were absolutely perfect. Kindness and professional care were outstanding and I just can't praise them enough.
I found the same total care in surgery, both with the surgeon and aneathetist.
Same has to be said about all other members of staff I dealt with. Outstanding !

Visited in March 2017. Posted on 01 April 2017

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 04 April 2017

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding your treatment. We are glad to hear that you received such an excellent service from the Amesbury Suite team and from all of the staff involved in your care. We will ensure that your comments are passed on to these teams.

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Kevin parsons gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 5 stars

Farley ward

I was admitted to Farley ward on 10/10/16 the care I received here was really good, very professional all the staff were very helpful especially when I was unsure of things, from the A&E department to the ward and throughout my stay including the physiotherapists team were great a special thanks to the staff nurse who works on the ward who went out of their way to ensure I was happy with my treatment pleas pass on my thanks to your very professional team

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 20 October 2016

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 28 October 2016

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your stay on Farley. It’s lovely to hear you felt your care was really good.
It’ll be our pleasure to pass on your thanks, and all those involved will be heartened to know their professionalism and care is appreciated.

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Anonymous gave Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust a rating of 1 stars

Why was the reception closed during the day

I visited the hospital today 23rd April 2016 to visit a person who had been transferred from another hospital. When I arrived the reception at the main entrance was closed. In the end I had to use the internet on my mobile phone to obtain the hospital telephone number in order to call the operator to find out where this person was. When I asked why was the reception closed they ignored my question and tried to put me through to A&E when I had already told the receptionist the person had been transformed from another hospital to a ward. I eventually found where the person was. When I repeated my story the person who had been transformed said it took the ambulance driver forty five minutes to find out what ward they were to go to.

Shameful, I hope that I never have to be admitted to this hospital.

Visited in April 2016. Posted on 23 April 2016

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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust replied on 26 April 2016

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
It’s concerning to hear of the delays encountered by this patient when they were being transferred to us from another hospital. There are processes in place to ensure a smooth transfer, and so it would be useful for us to know who the patient is so we can investigate what went wrong and how we can prevent it happening again. Perhaps they could get in touch at
We are sorry it took you so long to locate the person you wanted to visit; it must have been frustrating. This is helpful feedback and we will make sure that when reception is not manned, there are clearer instructions for our out of hours contact point.

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