NHS Wirral CCG

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NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commits to continue to improve health and reduce disease by working with patients, public and partners, tackling health inequalities and helping people to take care of themselves.

Every GP practice on Wirral is a member of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

What is Clinical Commissioning?

Clinical commissioning is the term we use to describe how an organisation (the commissioner) first identifies the health needs of a population and then sets about a process to appoint other organisations (providers) to supply services to meet these needs. We have a duty to ensure that the services we commission are high quality, safe, local and accessible and also good value for money. The types of service we commission include:

  • Most local hospital care for example A&E, Outpatients, Tests and Operations
  • Most mental health care including both GP based services and hospital based services
  • Most community services for example district nurses, matrons and physiotherapy

We do not commission all health services. In these cases NHS England has the responsibility:

  • GPs, Dentists, Opticians & Pharmacists
  • Specialist Services for example cardiac & neuro surgery or transplant surgery.


Last updated on 05 October 2015.

Information supplied by NHS Wirral CCG