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Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group is made up of the GPs and managers that are responsible for purchasing healthcare services within the local communities for the residents of Wiltshire.

Our vision is to ensure the provision of a health service which is high quality, effective, clinically led and local.

This vision will ensure that NHS care in Wiltshire can operate with improved efficiency and offering high patient quality. This will require greater integration between community services, general practice and closer working with our partners in Wiltshire Council.

The vision puts the patient in control whilst ensuring that every opportunity is given for the residents of Wiltshire to improve their health. It is all about the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) working with people in the community, Local Authorities and other organisations to identify and understand patients’ needs so that services can be designed to meet those needs. Key to our approach is that GPs are in the driving seat; they are best placed to engage with the local population to help improve health and wellbeing.

Wiltshire is a relatively dispersed, rural community and therefore the collective, specific, local knowledge of general practitioners across the county will be essential to the success of clinical commissioning in the future.

The geography of Wiltshire naturally divides into three areas of population separated by the sparsely populated Salisbury Plain. This is why in Wiltshire we will operate as three local groups. The three groups cover the natural communities of:

  • North and East Wiltshire (NEW Group)
  • South Wiltshire (SARUM Group)
  • West Wiltshire, Yatton Keynell and Devizes (WWYKD Group)


About Our Services

The areas that Wiltshire CCG is responsible for include:

  • Community Health Services

  • Maternity Services

  • Elective hospital care (planned care)

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Urgent and emergency care including A&E, ambulance and out-of-hours services (unplanned care)

  • Mental Health services

  • Older people’s healthcare services

  • Healthcare services for children

  • Healthcare services for people with learning disabilities

  • Continuing healthcare

  • Abortion services

  • Infertility services

  • Wheelchair services

  • Home oxygen services

  • Treatment of infectious diseases

We are also responsible for meeting the costs of prescriptions written by our GPs.

Last updated on 30 May 2013.

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