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We believe that no person should remain in an acute or long stay hospital environment for a day longer than is necessary. We understand that people's previous experiences form part of who they are but should not limit them from who they want to become, that is why we do not discriminate solely on risk history and we work with people regardless of their labels. We work with individuals, not a diagnosis.

Our specialist model enables us to promote recovery in everything we do, working with and achieving successful outcomes for people who have complex needs.

We offer support that enables people to live in their own home independently. We work with commissioners from health and social care throughout England.  Each and every person we support is different, the way they need support, for how long and by who is different.

We recognise that hospital treatment is costly, and progress can be slow. Our package of support offers hospital level support in a person’s own home. This means that over the long term we can help reduce the overall cost of an individual’s care by providing support that meets their needs in the community.

Our model can not only reduce costs, but also helps reduce hospital re-admissions as we support people to develop sustainable community support networks and resilience ensuring that by the time we reduce our support, people are confident to live independently, know how to identify when they may need help and who they can get help from. the way they need support, for how long and by who is different. Their hopes, dreams and aspirations for life are different. We provide a bespoke package of support that meets their needs.



Last updated on 06 August 2020.

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