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About Our Services

In April 2017 we brought together our three functions under the umbrella of our new name, NHS Resolution. Our three functions NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) – providing indemnity schemes for the NHS in England and resolving claims for compensation fairly. National Clinical Assessment Services (NCAS) – resolving concerns about the performance of individual practitioners. Family Health Services Appeal Unit (FHSAU) – ensuring the prompt and fair resolution of appeals and disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England. Our new name NHS Resolution – delivering fair resolution and learning from harm to improve safety.We operate in line with values developed with our staff: professional, expert, ethical and respectful. Our primary focus for the future remains to resolve concerns fairly. However, we also have a duty to use what we know, to help to prevent the same thing happening again. We are not a patient safety body and we cannot succeed in isolation, however we have a unique contribution to make to the patient safety system.

Last updated on 14 September 2017.

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