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Nick Childs gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Flu jab

Just been to have my flu jab. Ok it was a Drop in Centre but loads of times offered this week. Today was the only one in the evening. Drop in times were between 17-19.00. Arrived 16.40. Seen by a nurse at 16.45. Able to ask another question related to a different health matter that nurse was seeing me for on a regular basis (I can’t give the name on this website apparently). Left at 16.50. How great is that?
Always very pleased to be a patient here rather than one run by the same group which is nearer to me and another one not part of the same group.

Visited in October 2018. Posted on 03 October 2018

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 26 October 2018

Thank you for feeding back your experience on NHS UK.
Your compliments have been made known to the team who are glad the standard of care provided met your expectations.
You alluded to a possible issue with another Hurley practice and, as we also welcome constructive criticism, our Senior Business Manager would welcome the opportunity to speak to you. Her number is below and if you leave a voicemail she will respond the same day.

Practice Manager

SBM M. 07872992501

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Anonymous gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Very happy with your Medical Centre!

I had a medical screening this morning, not an easy and comfortable one I have to say. But the nurse I've seen has been wonderful!
Everything has been done gently and with great skill. A warm thank you!

Visited in October 2018. Posted on 26 October 2018

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Sharon Brizman gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars


A few weeks ago I had an assessment and blood test as part of my diabetic care plan carried out by your excellent HCA.

I had noticed her before in her previous occupation at the reception desk and had noted her lovely manner on the telephone and in face to face communication with patients.

As a health professional myself - accustomed to training staff at all levels in procedure, attitude etc I cannot commend this young lady highly enough. She is gentle, genteel, expansive as needed. A total professional.

I suggest she is encouraged to further her skills in health care..."you" will be well rewarded!

Visited in October 2018. Posted on 05 November 2018

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Ann-Marie Bowron gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Nurse is a star

I visited the nurse due to a two week flu, fever and skin irritation issue. Immediately she was comforting, reassuring, a listening ear but at the same time direct with advice and professional care.

I have had so many bad experiences with doctors, nurses and health care professionals in the past due to my crohns that I avoid at all costs, and I am a personal trainer so I know this is terrible. However, she was truly a breath of fresh air, she even realised I had never had a smear test so did that along with a sexual health check, I've never been given this time before, I'm usually rushed out of the room. A personal approach goes a long way, not just about knowledge but people who make the difference to somebody's day and ultimately their life.

Everybody needs a nurse like this, she is a great asset to the NHS :)

Visited in September 2018. Posted on 13 September 2018

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 26 October 2018

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback to on this forum.
It is always reassuring to hear of patients positive experiences and your comments have been relayed to the nurse concerned and the wider team.

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Anonymous gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 4 stars

Good quality care

I moved to this practice two years ago and i would not go back to my previous one. I usually get an appointment when i need it and all the staff is very kind.

Visited in June 2018. Posted on 18 June 2018

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 20 June 2018

Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback.
Your positive experience gives our team assurance the service we provide meet patient expectations.
We hope your stay with us remains to the same standards as you describe.

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Wayne Gruba gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Removed from Dockands Medical Centre

I contacted Docklands Medial Centre a day ago. I have not needed a doctor for the past six years buut due to a minor accident requested either to see the nurse or a doctor

They asked me for me details and then informed me that I had been removed form their registration since I had not used their services. [I would have thought this would have been worthwhile when the rules the Governement have given to GPs means they keep all the money they save on providing for care]

I asked how could I get reregistred and was told to bring details of address and start the registration process. I explained that the condition was quite serious and was told to go to the Walk In Service locally

Quite a disappointment when as far as I know no one from the administration had ever contacted me to inform me that they were going to remove me. I have had comminucation about health matters but since I paid for a private scan and health screening I didn't feel he need to attend [I would have preferred that they contact me to see I was still alive rather than just delete me from their system]

Having read the reviews I want to add that the odd occasions that I had needed to attend I found the Reception Team quite indifferent towards the clients. This did not happen to me and I can only think that my approach was perhaps a little more respectful toward them doing their jobs

One more than one occasion I saw specific Receptionists correct or chastise individuals for what I considered to be quite unnesseary and somehow what felt to me relishing with glee and selfsatisfying in their actions

In support of the Reception Team I can well understand how they feel when they are spoken to adversely [we all know that many NHS customenrs and customers from hell] and this overtime can only manifest itself negatively with everyone visiting th epractice gets the same indifferent service

Considering the nurses and doctors I encountered were all completely professional and respectful I think it might be useful if the owner of the practice gets to see this and then spent some time reviewing the Reception Team and the real customer service provided

Visited in March 2018. Posted on 02 March 2018

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 02 March 2018

Thank you for posting a comment on this forum. We welcome all feedback whether positive or negative as it informs our thinking on the provisions of services. However, we also feel compelled to challenge anything that does not accurately reflect the issue at hand.
You asked to book a doctor’s appointment and were told by a receptionist that you had been removed from our list some time ago. She was in the process of looking for the reason READ code when you suggested it was probably down to not making any recent use of the service. As it happens, this is never a reason to remove and therefore, wasn't in your case. A significant number of NHS patients have little or no contact with their GP but remain registered year on year. Apart from any behavioural issues the only time a patient is removed is when it would seem reasonable to assume they are no longer residing in the catchment area, which may come to light if attempts to make contact fail. A few years back we sent you an invite for a health check which you could either accept or decline as you required. Multiple attempts were made to contact you by letter and phone which were unsuccessful. We have a duty to the NHS not to hold patients on our list if we have no expectation of providing them with care. I understand the receptionist made arrangements with you to re-register and book a doctor’s appointment and had your need been urgent we would have arranged that for you. Your comments re the reception team are surprising given the very positive feedback on this and many other forums. We will raise this with the team and address any needs that come to light.

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Anonymous gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Refused an appointment to do vaccines for my 6-month old son

I had an appointment with my 6-months old son at 8am to have the vaccines. As you may imagine bringing the baby this young cannot be done on a minute-by-minute basis – I arrived 15 minutes late (as the baby was crying on the way, wanted to nurse).

The member of staff at the reception desk refused the appointment and told me that my son cannot be seen today anymore. They said that the nurse took another patient already. Please note though that I stayed for almost an hour before leaving the centre and no patients left from the doctor’s/nurse’ office during my stay. When I asked the member of staff to tell the nurse that I will wait and if they finish with that patient earlier they can see me (obviously the nurse started with that patient supposedly earlier, if there ever was a patient!). The receptionist told me that they would. However I did not hear them call anyone. I went to a colleague-receptionist to ask whether the nurse accepted that I wait a bit, and that colleague told me that the nurse was informed by a text message and the nurse still did not respond. Some 40 minutes later, the first receptionist called me up and said the nurse will not see me. When I asked to see the response by text, the receptionist refused to show one and said the nurse replied by phone – however I was sitting there and did not see the receptionist talking over the phone! So quite clearly that was not a text as they first told me, and it could not have been a call because I did not hear one.

And my guess is that the nurse did not see anyone potentially till 8.50am and was never informed of me being there!

Please kindly note I asked the name of the receptionist, they wrote it on a piece of paper in a totally unreadable manner

Visited in October 2017. Posted on 03 October 2017

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 05 October 2017

Although we appreciate all feedback on this forum, and thank you for yours, we also consider it appropriate to respond to any inaccuracies or misrepresentations by omission as is the case here.

As the events you related happened recently I was able to establish all the facts contemporaneously recorded which are as follows:

You recently registered at the Practice and although your history was transferred electronically, there was nothing for your baby who at six months’ has no prior NHS record. It was essential; therefore, we establish the current immunisation status and address any needs in that area, which is why a 30 minute appointment was allocated between 8-8.30am. You arrived at 8.23am thus leaving insufficient time to provide the level of service required in the best interests of the child. Although knowing our policy on late arrivals, the reception staff did ask the Nurse Practitioner (NP) if she could still see you, but having reviewed her appointment book for that morning she replied, she couldn’t fit a lengthy consultation in anywhere. What she did suggest was that you left the immunisation history with the desk, and she would enter all the details which would cut the need for the rebooked appointment down to 15 minutes, if that suited you better, or you could have a further 30 minute slot if you so wished. You declined both options.

At this point I must apologise for the delay in relaying the nurses’ response to you. The NP did send a screen message to the receptionists enquiry immediately, before calling in her 8.30 appointment, but a glitch in the clinical software meant it did not flash up on the desk screens downstairs. When the expected response hadn’t come through, the receptionist spoke to her and was advised as above. This delay, although regrettable did not, in any way, impact the outcome.
Your contention that no patients were seen by you "coming or going" can be disproved by the fact six consultations are recorded by various clinicians in the timeframe in question, including the one with the NP that started at 8.30am. The receptionist called the nurse so the phone wouldn’t have rung for that reason, but there were, in fact, numerous other incoming calls, as one would expect at that time of day. As for not showing you "the text" , as stated above, it was not visible until later but even if it had been we would never give patients access to our clinical screens as it could, potentially, compromise others confidentiality. As is our protocol, the staff member did provide you with her details. Given you made no comment about illegibility at the time, she had no reason to assume you could not read her name as written,

You verbally complained, of having been kept waiting for booked appointments, which I assume was at a previous surgery as you haven't had any appointments at DMC. However, it can and does happen here when the patients' needs over run an allotted time slot. It’s something we try to avoid, though never at the risk of a patients wellbeing. I am sure you would not want to have a consultation for either yourself or your baby curtailed just because the 10 mins allocated was up!

We always strive for good patient/practice relationships and hope we can put this behind us and continue to provide you and your family safe, effective care. As you haven’t yet rebooked for the necessary immunisations review may I suggest you consider the two options offered and contact us to make an appointment as soon as possible. On the day, you would have been offered one within 48hrs if you had agreed to the rebooking and we would always endeavor to get the baby seen on the earliest available date.

Myself and a senior Hurley manager are available to discuss this matter further if you contact me at the Practice.

Practice Manager

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selin karamizrak gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

everyone deserves to be responded decently

I had been trying to get an appointment for had a long time and for this medical center, you cannot get an appointment in two weeks. It is a miracle if you get one. It is always somehow full. When you get to the point to see the GP, it is very nice. The nurse that treated me was also very nice one time.

But : I have been registered to docklands medical center for more than 6 months now. I am educated, I am a working woman who moved to London recently. I can speak and understand English but obviously, I am not familiar with the healthcare procedures and I am also new to London I do not know any hospital or anything.

I had an appointment on Friday but I did not know that I should be checking in and I was the only one in front of them waiting and they did not even care to ask why I was here instead they were chatting with their coworkers. I waited there more than half an hour and I asked about my appointment after that they said that I should be checking in. This cost me an hour waiting and after that, I saw the doctor.

the doctor gave me a blood test form ( and they were a really great doctor ) and I should be giving my blood in the second day of my period. Today as soon as I was aware of it I called the docklands medical center to make an appointment for the blood test. They only responded that 2tomorrow is closed for blood testing and today is booked", I said that "but I should be giving my blood tomorrow this is specifically what my doctor required" and the responded with an angry voice and giving sighs " you can give your blood test in London hospital".

the service -if you call it service- that I am getting is not free, I am paying taxes deducted from my wages to get that service and someone who only cares about chatting with friends, is lack of giving any decent information about my medical support. and when I asked do you know the address of it, they said I should Google It! Whenever I talked to them, they were treating me like it is an extra energy to respond and I would not worth it.

I made a complaint to NHS as well and I will make this be heard to any authority that is responsible for the hiring process. I am not an animal I am a human being and I deserve to be treated decently. and you are responsible for making sure of that. there is surely a lack of monitoring!

Visited in August 2017. Posted on 15 August 2017

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 19 September 2017

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and raising your concerns regarding the service you experienced from our reception team.
We had tried to contact you before posting this response but to no avail.

You refer to two separate incidents, which, though involving different individuals based on your comments you believe it to have been the same person. I apologise on behalf of the team if you felt let down by the quality of our customer care, as we strive to provide excellent service from all our staff, as often endorsed by patients on this forum.

You mention being unaware of the need to either use the automated system or make your arrival known to the desk staff, which lead to you waiting 30 mins for one appointment. I am surprised at this as, since registration, you had visited on two occasions, prior to that Friday, and each time you checked in at the reception desk. There are numerous clinics running at any one time and the majority of patients do use the self check-in option so the desk staff are unaware who may or may not have arrived or even be a visitor accompanying a patient. On that particular day, the doctor was running late and I apologise for the wait, but this can occur depending on the severity of the clinical problems presented. As you know your own consultation ran well beyond the 10 minutes allocated, which is not that unusual as we do not want to rush patients, and risk missing a serious issue.

Our reason for wanting to contact you prior to this posting was to clarify your statement about a receptionist who ‘only cares about chatting with friends and is lacking in giving any decent information about your medical report’. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with our front line staff and would fully investigate if given more information on what occurred.

There can be odd occasions when we are unable to accommodate patients’ needs and in such situations they are directed to alternative services that will be able to help. I am disappointed reading you had been advised to ‘google it’, as this is an unacceptable response and not reflective of the standards we set ourselves and all our staff. I will raise this as a training issue with all the reception team.

I hope this addresses the concerns raised, however, should you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Practice Manager

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Absolute disgrace

I have been with this surgery for a few years now. It was bad to start but has gotten progressively worse. The reception staff are rude and useless. There are always delays and they never apologise. Every time I need a prescription they screw it up. Every time. Without fail. Every time. It's unbelievable. And then they aren't even helpful or apologetic about fixing it.

They also don't have many permanent doctors and the wait for an appointment is regularly 2-3 weeks. One time I had waited my 2 weeks and got a phone call half an hour before I was due an appointment to say that the doctor wasn't coming in so I no longer had an appointment. Quite often you can't get an appointment with the same doctor because they don't know when or even if they will be back.

Then there are these ridiculous meetings that they text me about in the middle of the day in the week. Right. Now I have no idea what these meetings are as I've never bothered to look in to it. Because I can't go. Because like most people I have a job.

Today I went to pick up my prescription, I left work early, raced down and arrived at 6.28. I appreciate it's cutting it fine but it's really difficult for me to leave work early. And I needed that medicine. But as I arrive the receptionist is locking the door, looks me deadpan in the eye and says that now that they have turned the key there is nothing they can do. As I desperately plead with the receptionist that I need the medicine they then presses the shutter button on the other side bringing the shutters down in between us so that they can no longer see me. I have never experienced any such rudeness. There is one nice person on reception that I have dealt with and that is all. Well I will be re registering at a different surgery.

On a side note the nurse there is really lovely.

The surgery is probably fine if you rarely or never need to go to the doctor.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 08 June 2017

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 15 June 2017

Thank you for taking the time to post details of your experiences with the Practice. We welcome all feedback and use it to inform our actions.

Due to anonymity, I am unable investigate the specifics but have been able to ascertain certain facts which I would address as follows:

You have leveled criticism at the entire reception team but the reasoning behind it is unclear, especially as you go on to compliment one member of the team. We are very proud of the customer care provided by the non-clinical staff and the outcome of various independent surveys and other postings on this forum would justify this view.

The delays you mention, I assume, relate to GP appointments. Although every effort is made to run to time, the needs of the patient take precedence, so delays will occur when the level of seriousness warrants contacting third parties e.g. an ambulance and holding discussions with colleagues in secondary care. We try to dissuade patients presenting with a shopping list as that will also inconvenience waiting patients but if only told the most serious item at the end, our duty of care prohibits delaying taking action Whatever the cause we do try to keep delays to a minimum, and how long you were kept waiting on each occasion can be determined by an audit of the contemporaneous entries as too can your allegation we always "screw up" your medication.

We have clear evidence that refutes your statement that wait time to see a doctor is 'regularly 2-3 weeks'. Our average wait time for a routine GP appointment is 5-7 working days. Exceptions to this usually occur during school holidays which can prove challenging if a need to employ locums arises. However, even in those rare circumstances availability of routine appointments has not exceeded 10 working days. The exceptions to this are where patients wish to see a specific doctor or in a restricted time frame. When a doctor needs to cancel on the day, e.g. sickness, family crisis we do our very best to accommodate booked patients and fulfill their needs. We employ three salaried doctors and one long-term registrar offering hundreds of appointments between them each week. For planned absences we utilise the Hurleys own agency to provide replacement cover, in an effort to maintain continuity, but obviously the detailed records kept of all contacts allow any doctor to familiarise themselves with your records and address any needs.

The invitations you describe as ’ridiculous meetings' are intended to permit patients to feedback experiences which .may inform and benefit all patients. We have historically tried hosting the meetings outside of 'working hours' but the turnout numbers were insufficient to continue. To facilitate engagement with our working population, the text does ask for emails us of ideas/suggestions to discuss.

Your latest complaint relates to the events of Thursday 8th June when you turned up to collect a prescription only to find the front access locked and a staff member in the process of lowering the security blind. You state that this was before our closing time of 18.30 but that simply is not true. It was gone that time when the door was locked as can be verified by a visitor who made a point of saying to the desk staff that as it was after 18.30 they presumed the front door was locked and they needed to exit from the rear of the building. I fully appreciate how frustrating it must have been but we must adhere to a cut off point for reasons of safety as to how many staff are still on site. We try to assist our working patients by co-operating with all the local pharmacists re implementing electronic transfer of prescriptions, and posting out paper versions if patients (as many do) leave a stock of stamped addressed envelopes with reception.

If you wish to discuss any of the foregoing or wish to enable an investigation by releasing your personal details, then please contact me and I will be happy to assist.

Practice Manager

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David Postle gave DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

It's all about the buck.

I tried this medical centre for two years but ran out of patience. By the time you get an appointment, you'll either be dead or better. The final straw was, after waiting two weeks for an appointment for my son, the doctor seemed not to listen and seemed to want the consultantcy over asap. We are now with Barkantine who are six stars.

Visited in June 2017. Posted on 24 November 2017

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DOCKLANDS MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 09 January 2018

In response to the title you have given your posting may we say that we have an excellent reputation for patient centered care and take offence at any suggestion that our motivation is greed.

As to the particulars of your concerns, we have reviewed all relevant contemporaneous entries and have established a request for an appointment was made on the 2nd Aug 2017 and booked for 13:50 on 16th Aug. which is, indeed, two weeks. However, our audited records also show we had other appointments available in the interim and "on the day" slots throughout the whole two week gap. From this we must conclude whoever booked it for your son accepted the next routine appointment and didn't request he be seen sooner.

In the consultation, the history provided was of a long-term intermittent problem. This being our first contact in the two years since registration and having examined your son, the GP instigated a particular course of action which came to nothing as your family transferred out three days later on the 19th Aug 2017.

We hold patient satisfaction second only to quality/effective care as our highest priority. If, following the consultation, you had spoken to staff about your dissatisfaction with its manner; we would have dealt with it and hopefully resolved any concerns on the day. We take all complaints very seriously and are always sorry when patients or carers feel they have cause to raise them. I hope you will accept our apologies that you felt the need to change doctors and wish you well at the Barkantine. Despite your removal we will follow our protocols and take on any learning points identified.

If you wish to talk to either the Practice Manager or other senior Hurley management please let us know.

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